Monday, September 30, 2013

My Sister Does Cool Things

It is so rad to know cool people who know how to do cool things.

I was searching around on the webs for some activities for the children to do during General Conference next weekend, and I came upon this great idea to turn photos of your children into coloring pages.

But it required photoshop.  I do not have photoshop, nor do I know how to use it if I did.

A quick email to my sister, and voila! It's done.  She's so super rad.

I thought I'd share, in case you want coloring pages of your kids.  Or of yourself, come on!  To color during the songs, of course.

Of course.

If you don't have a copy of photoshop yourself, I sincerely and truly hope you have that special person in your life who does, and beg them to cook you up some fun.

Photoshop Instructions So You Can Make Your Own!

And yes, I am planning on putting them in protective sheets so they can color them over and over, taking turns coloring on their sister's picture, you know.


  1. Heather's made me bust out laughing! Those pigtails are amazing!

  2. In my googling, I did find instructions for how to do it on corel paint pro, and even a website that would do it for you, but since it was just a program and not a person, I wasn't impressed with the results, but there are definitely options available.

    And thanks. I had a lot of fun. When I was in school, I had to take photoshop classes as part of my minor, and I used to be able to do lots of cool things. Now I can't remember how to do any of them and it's sad. So it was fun to use photoshop again for something "tricky."