Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lazy Mornings

Hallie is a month and a half into being 5.  And there is a little voice in the back of my head that whispers at me all day long that she will be going to kindergarten in just a few months.  Going to kindergarten. 

I've been thinking about her entering the big world, her first time truly out of my reach - I don't know the kids in her class, I don't know their parents, I don't know the lunch ladies, I don't know the teacher, I don't know anything.

I know nothing.

And she will know it all.  She will spend more waking hours there in a few months than she will at home, with me.

Ah, that's not what this post was supposed to be about.  So I'm cutting that train of thought off, right now.  Cut.

Let's try this again.  I decided it was time Hallie knew how to use a computer, you know, the simple basics.  So I taught her how to click a mouse, what it does, and a friend recommended a nice website called abcmouse where they can do little lessons and activities and I love it, and she is coming along pretty well with the mouse. 

Last week she also discovered the camera, and started taking pictures.  It's kind of like an unedited, raw glimpse into our little daily lives.  So, here's what we look like on a cloudy, lazy winter morning.

 I heard her tell Hanna: "Sit in that bumbo, Hanna. It will look so cutie. Everyone will love it." Also, Michelle, that's your bumbo, do you want it back? Yes?

 This is Hanna's favorite place, the dishwasher, and her favorite thing to do, emptying it.  Note: Never leave the sharp knives in the dishwasher.


  1. That IS weird that Hallie will spend more time at school than home. So weird. I often think it is weird how little I know about my coworkers considering I see them waaaay more than any other people on the planet. Nice pics of the real life Roses.

  2. She is taking some really great pictures! And isn't it wonderful that we have digital cameras now, so you don't have to pay to develop all of those pictures? You get to see them instantly for free! :)

    And I have also thought, with nervousness, about how little control I will soon have over my kids' lives. The elementary schools around here (last year at least) didn't have a parent-teacher night to meet the teachers until like THREE weeks into the school year. I really hope wherever we meet does it before the school year starts. I want to know who I am trusting my kids with all day long. It seriously makes me consider home schooling, but then I remember how much I absolutely adored school. Sigh. Who knew it was so hard to be a mom?