Tuesday, February 19, 2013


If you hate poetry, skip this post.  If you don't generally hate poetry, but you do hate it when I write poetry, skip this post.  Thanks!

When Heather was about a week old, I wrote two poems.  You can find one of them here.  I saved this one for her birthday.  Happy Birthday, baby girl.

In my mind
    my brain
    my center of control
I love you, because
my body worked
    long shifts         
    late nights         
    and double overtime
making sure
your body had
    kneecaps check
    eyelids check
    spleen check
    duodenum check
I love you because
    You are mine.

In my heart
    my main frame
    my center of emotion
I love you, because
     you pucker your mouth
     in a perfect little ‘o’.
You have chubby cheeks
     and scrawny chicken legs.
Your hair is a mystery
     I may never solve.
Someday you will have
     hopes and dreams
     plans and arrangements
some include me,
and some do not.
I love you because
You are you.

In my gut
    my core
    my center of existence
I love you, because
     you hold my finger tight.
It seems my body
     was created
     in perfect dimensions
     for the sole purpose
     of holding yours.
There will come a
     day when I will hear
     your little voice
     call me “mommy” and
I love you because
I am yours.