Friday, January 20, 2012

A Letter

Dear Wonderful People I Call My Friends -

Thank you for your comments on this sad post.  Guess what? I actually slept pretty well that night, mostly ache-free and miraculously also heartburn-free, AND I think I only got up to use the bathroom four times (normal is 5-7).  I don't know what little bit of magic that was and who worked it but I was mighty grateful for it.

Each of your comments made me either sit up a little taller, or make me tear up a little bit, and now on those long sleepless nights when snuggling up to my cash register* seems like the only thing left to do I can think of you guys instead. AND I can be grateful that my name isn't Horace**.  There is always that, too.

And you know, today as I went about my mundane tasks and errands I told myself that to be fair I could probably think up some things about being pregnant that aren't completely awful, and I will have you know that I did come up with a few!!

Here goes:
1. Strangers are (generally speaking) quite nice to pregnant women: Holding doors, crawling under your car when the two year old drops something under it so you don't have to, and maybe Lincoln is the last oasis of good old fashioned family values (although I certainly hope not) but everyone is so supportive. "What a cute little family!" "You have such great helpers!" "Those little girls look so sweet!" and when they find out we're expecting another girl the people just go crazy.  That's always fun.
2. Friends are extra helpful too. "Oh, don't bend over to pick that up!" "Let me carry that!" etc. etc. and shameless person that I am I let them. Pamper me, I don't mind.
3. My maternity clothes are cuter than my regular clothes.  So even though I don't necessarily "feel" cuter because of this huge obtrusion sticking out of my front, my clothes themselves are, and that's nice.  And perhaps an indication that I need to update my regular wardrobe.
4. Hearing the baby's heartbeat at appointments.  The girls love it, I love it, we all love when we get to hear that tiny thump thump.  It never gets old.
5. The fact that I am seeing a midwife this time.  That is probably a whole different post if anyone wants to hear about it, but it is perfect for me.
6. Getting out all of the little clothes and toys and setting up the little room.  Remembering when Hallie wore that, and Hanna played with this, and anticipating what this new little person will be like.
7. I even do sometimes daydream about those quiet moments at night, when it feels like the only two people awake in the world are you and this tiny new person, nestled in a cocoon of warmth and half awake drowsiness.

*weird Hello Dolly reference. Don't worry about it too much. My sister will get it.
**I don't know why I'm stuck on Hello Dolly right now.


  1. "It's a little lumpy, but it rings!" :) Best movie ever.

    I am eagerly awaiting your post about midwifery. I was wondering today who I might go with whenever I end up pregnant again. I wondered if my doctor would be offended. But he probably won't care.

    Someone the other day was shocked that I used to honestly think all my crayons had feelings, and I had to use them evenly. Ha.

    I am glad you have such great friends who support you!

    I love how nice strangers are to pregnant women. And that is fun they people get so excited about your girls. I get excited about them, too.

  2. Dear Amy, Your post yesterday and today, cause me to reflect a bit. I never did satisfactorily, tell my mother, how much I appreciate all that she did for me. I never did appropriately thank my wife, for bearing and caring for our babies. I am convinced, however, that babies are really what this life is all about. Each of us coming and getting our own chance to make choices. I wonder why great gifts seem to be accompanied with pain. Our Savior suffered much to give us a chance to come here and make mistakes, and then return to a world where mistakes are not allowed. The expense of a mistake would be too great in the eternal sphere. So, we come to this temporary world where we can experiment, make mistakes, and then return to the eternal, perfect world, where mistakes do not happen. You mothers and our Savior, make a team which allows it all to happen. How grateful we all are for you. We thank you for the chance to come to this beautiful world! Love, grandpa H.