Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Case I Forget, Again.

I believe it is a common thing after the new year to have trouble remembering to write the date correctly, spending the last twelve months writing one number and then suddenly a ball drops and we have to start writing a new number.

How long is it acceptable to keep making this mistake into the New Year?

And just out of curiosity, how bad does it look if you write the year from two years ago?

About a week ago I was filling out a bunch of forms that I had to sign and date, and I kept writing 2010.  Embarrassing.

I post this as a reminder to myself.  The New Year is here. It is on its way to not being the "new year" anymore, but just the standard year that we all live in (until the next new year rolls around).  You celebrated this "new year".  Remember?  You and Devin and the girls made party hats?  And you marched around the house yelling "Happy New Year!" while banging on pots and skillets with wooden spoons?  REMEMBER?

Ok, so stay with me, here's the important part.  It is now the year 2012.  Not 2011. And most CERTAINLY not 2010. So don't write that. Ever again.

New Year's Resolution for 2012: Don't Take Any More Sideways Videos


  1. I hear ya. Last October I narrated a video of a family trip to an orchard and announced the date as 2009. Awkward.

  2. That is an awesome resolution. Ha. :) I feel that!

    And I LOVE the hats, and what a fun idea to bang the pots and pans. I bet the girls LOVED it.

    Were those my wooden spoons? :) tee hee

    I noticed in my journal last night that I had only written 2012 twice since the year changed. Whoops!

  3. Another milestone in life. My wife discovered how confusing it can be to grocery stores and banks when you sign your check with your maiden name. Love, grandpa H.

  4. AMES! You are the cutest little preggo girl ever! You are all belly and look really great!! Hottie Hot Hotterson!

    Love, Crunchers

  5. Weird, i have done that several times this year. only it was typing it on the computer. 2010!! i dont even get it, but glad im not the only one. :)

  6. I was just looking at your poll. You have really optimistic friends! :) (I hope you are early.)

  7. Ha ha. When I was in 7th grade, one of my teachers asked me what grade I was in, and I said 5th. So I empathize.

  8. I recently signed something and dated it Jan 24, 2000. But my favorite writing-the-date-wrong incendent happened a few years ago when I signed and dated something on my birthday and wrote November 28, 1957. Oops!