Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Learning the Lingo

Hallie and Hanna have recently become obsessed with lions.  Hanna at random intervals will begin saying over and over, "Lions eats mans." translation: Lions eat men.  I don't have ANY idea where this phrase comes from, but once she starts saying it she will repeat it over and over and over again.  Also, the following statements have been overheard:
Hallie: We don't run from cars. We just only run from lions.
Hanna: Lions sharp teeth, eats mans.  Sharp teeth. (translation: Lions have sharp teeth so they can eat men.)
Hallie: But there are no more lions on earth. They all just disappeared. Why did the lions disappear Mommy?

And no matter how much I insist there are still lions on earth, they will not believe me. I guess a trip to the zoo is in order.  I would also like to add that I am doing my best to explain to Hanna that lions prefer to eat zebra, or antelope, but she is still fairly certain that "mans" is their meal of choice.

Another obsession of late is Heather.
Hanna will put her hand on my tummy and say, "Heather screaming Mommy.  She screaming.  Sister sad." and then she will give my tummy kisses.  Sometimes she says, "Heather laughing Mommy." and again, more kisses.
Hallie asks me every day when Heather is coming, and why isn't she here yet.  Hanna tries to say hospital, and it comes out "hopspistol" and they are both looking forward to their tour of the hopspistol to see where baby Heather is going to finally come out of Mommy, an event which to Hallie means, "then you won't sleep all the time anymore, right Mommy?" ha ha ha, if she only knew.

And last but not least, Hallie has given us all nicknames.
Hanna we call "The Baby with the Swoosh in her Hair". and while we do often use the full name, it is occasionally shortened to "the Swoosh" or "Swoosh baby". Again, don't ask where this name came from, I have no clue.
Hallie has dubbed herself "The Pink in the Pink in the Panther".  Yes, oh yes.
She has decided that I am to be called "The Sweet Hot Pumpkin Pie".  At least I am delicious.
Devin is "Gum." I'm not kidding. I think this one is funniest of all.

Yeah, we're pretty silly around here.  She put that on her nose all by herself. Pretty good, eh?


  1. Love it. By the way, if you ever want to go to the Omaha zoo - I have a pass and can get an adult and a child in for free. Let me know.

  2. I feel like I am now prepared to visit and be able to communicate with your daughters. ;)

    LOVE the lion obsession!

  3. Oh, and I can't wait until Daniel and Jill can talk to each other!

  4. i feel like i did pretty well when i was there. But then again, that was before all the lions. lol

  5. Dude, I'm going to see real live African lions in Africa in a few days. I will come and bear testimony to your children if necessary.

  6. So this is an odd coincidence, but last night I went to a relief society activity called Speed Friendship-ing. Like speed dating, you sit at a table and rotate every five minutes to a new person. Huge turn out. So at the end the president was asking if there was anything interesting we would like to share with the group that we learned about someone we didn't previously know. I couldn't resist. I stood up and told everyone that I "didn't know Cora was part of the circus and an unbelievable lion tamer". Which of course is not true. But you should have seen the look on some of the old ladies faces.
    Anyway, this brings me to my point that I believe it is time for Hannah to know the truth about lions and "mans". I think I just came across her future occupation.
    You're Welcome. Every mom's dream right? To have a kid in the circus?

  7. I've always known you were delicious. I'm glad you've finally accepted that fact. What can I say? "From the mouth of babes..." ;)