Thursday, November 24, 2011


(What do you want to win on my ThanksGIVEaway?)

Devin recently heard somewhere that the average American consumes 3,500 calories during their Thanksgiving meal.  When I double checked that number with him and asked him where he had heard it, he said he couldn't remember, but that yesterday on the radio he heard that the average American consumes 5000 calories on Thanksgiving Day.  So, take from that what you will...

Devin has also recently heard that between Thanksgiving Day (or Halloween?) and New Year's Day the average American will gain 9 pounds.

Devin says that I should not quote him as my source, but it doesn't really matter what the numbers are or whether or not they are strictly true.  I think we all know that a massive amount of eating occurs in the holiday season, and most of it delicious sweets and treats.

That is not why Devin and I started the ARFAFTR (Annual Rose Family and Friends Turkey Run) but it sure is a motivating factor!  Last year Hallie ran 3/4 of a mile, not all together but when you add up her little sprints we're estimating that's about what she did. I think she walked the rest, totaling 2 miles for the day. Not bad for little tiny legs!  Hanna was, of course, in a stroller last year, seeing as how she didn't know how to walk yet and it was extremely, ridiculously cold last year.  That's also the reason I have no pictures from last year. I wouldn't have been able to hold the camera with my three pairs of gloves on.

But this year the weather was nice.  This year Hallie did a mile and a quarter, and Hanna ran about a 400, but did a mile if you count riding on shoulders.  For the record, Mom did 1/2 a mile at a slow jog, and Daddy clocked in 10 and a quarter miles.  Way to go Rose Family Runners!

 What Thanksgiving Traditions do you enjoy? And what do you do to keep holiday pounds at bay?


  1. Wow. Your weather looks way nice! I uploaded some from our Thanksgiving Day, but on facebook. You'll see that Jill was very bundled. Jeff got very muddy playing ultimate frisbee. I am so impressed by how much Hallie did! Maybe some day we'll be together for Thanksgiving to participate. :)

    And speaking of consuming calories, also check out the picture of Jill with Laurie's desserts. Ha. Wow!

  2. Oh, and I'm happy to see the winter beard is here. :)

  3. i love that you do this! we did a turkey trot 5k last year and it was fabulous. we didn't this year because we were in chicago and i definitely cannot run a 5k right now, but i love your idea!

  4. Best Thanksgiving activity ever!

    Once more the Roses inspire.

  5. When I saw the title of your post I thought...what is an ARFAFTR? Then when I read about it i thought...after eating all that food then running I probably would "Arf After" :) Wasn't the weather so nice this year?