Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Something to Smile About

Just in case you, like me, needed a little prompting for something to smile about.

Devin and I were going through the pictures again, looking for gems to include on the Christmas letter. (Which, by the way, if you don't get one is because Devin is a self-acknowledged Grinch and he is putting my limit at 45. Forty five! That barely covers my family. Crikey. Ahem, oops, that was not in the spirit of this post, so please forgive me.)

ANYWAY, here are some classic pictures that made me smile.  They insisted on being shared.
 Devin said, "Doesn't it look like Hallie had an accident?"

 Clearly, it was just an ill-advised painting on the bottom of the kiddie pool.

 I wish I had words to express how much I love this picture, but I don't.  There's just something about her little bum, and the hat, and how it all comes together...

 I don't know why this picture is upside down. It was not oriented this way when I uploaded it... Anyway. Meet my father, and the infamous Bubbles.  He's possibly the oldest cat around.  He was my favorite napping buddy when I was in high school.  Here you can see him pestering my father.

 Apparently I took too long getting Hanna's lunch this day.  Sorry kiddo.

 Thanks for keeping Hanna warm, Mom.

 I think Hallie's hair is like a miracle of nature, or something.  How else does it still look good, even while swinging a bat?  You know she didn't get that hair from me.

 I love this look that says, "I think, actually, that I will wait until I am 16 to go on dates."

Best part of my day: Finding my girls like this.  I just wish it happened more often...


  1. such sweet pictures! And I, too, wish we had more of those peaceful moments!

  2. okay so i totally laughed out loud or rather giggled out loud when i saw that first picture. totally made my day! thank you, and i miss you!

  3. Owen looks like he wants to bail-out of this "date." Hallie looks like "what was I thinking?"
    Cute pictures of cute kids.
    I love these kids!

  4. Love all of them! Love, G Rose

  5. Fantastic pictures! Thanks for the smile. :) I can't wait until the day that Jill reads to Danny. Too sweet. And that cowboy hat and that bum . . . too cute!

  6. I love all the pictures! How cute!

  7. Oh man..that pool picture. Too perfect! Do you think they did that on purpose??

    And, I pretty much love the last photo too.

  8. Also - it is not Christmas without your Chirstmas letter. You can email it to me... I won't mind! I just want one! :)


  9. Thank you for blessing my day with these treasures.