Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I've certainly had my issues with Pinterest, but there is no denying that it is a great place to find great ideas.  About a week or so ago one of my friends pinned a snowman that you could cut out, and he had some accessories that you could cut out as well that you (or your toddler) could use to dress him.  I have a fondness for snowmen, and so I immediately printed one off and began scheming.  I knew that between the three year old and the one year old that live here a paper snowman with paper accessories would not last long, even if I printed him on cardstock.  And I wanted this snowman to really live, you know, Frosty style.

So I printed two for Hallie to color and cut out, she loves cutting things, and that kept  her entertained the entire time I was working on mine.  I printed off two sets for myself, and colored one with silver and blue accessories, and one with green and red accessories.  Then I laminated all of his accessories.  Then I traced and cut the snowman part out of felt.  Then I glued him onto another piece of felt, and then stuck that onto a piece of foam-board stuff, to give him a sturdy feel, but keeping him soft.  Then I glued pieces of flannel to the back of each of his accessories so they would stick on to the felt snowman.

He was a huge hit at the doctor's office yesterday.  I had my glucose test, and so not only was it an appointment, but I had to wait to drink the stuff, get really sick, then wait for my appointment, then have the appointment, then wait for the blood to be drawn, then get four tubes (FOUR) drawn, and THEN we could go home.  Needless to say, we were there for a while.  Frosty saved the day.

Blogger won't seem to let me upload any pictures, so I will try again later.  Until then, thanks Frosty.

We have two snowmen, one for each girl. They have two top hats, two snow hats, two scarves, two ties, and three pairs of gloves. The blue pair of gloves looks like that because I stole one of Hallie's that she had colored on and put blue sharpie over, because I decided last minute he needed a blue pair of gloves.

Original Snowman Cut Out Here.


  1. 1. I can't wait to see.
    2. I can't believe your Dr's office made you stay there while you waited for your blood sugar to be evaluated
    3. Sorry you had to get poked with a needle. (at least it was one needle for 4 tubes and not 4...)

  2. They are adorable, Ames. Way to make something.

  3. momrose has plans for christmas gifts..........

  4. Very nice Amy! I also loved actually making things I found on pinterest. It (maybe) makes all those hours I spend on it worth it. :)

  5. Amazing. You are so talented and creative. I don't even own any felt.