Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today was the kind of day that starts off with all signs pointing toward awful, and you wonder desperately how you are going to get through it.

Yesterday was a good day, Hallie had some friends over and while they played the moms and I discussed our plans for play school this year, and it was so fun to have a houseful of friends - for the girls and for me.  The bad news is, I spent a great deal of time bending over picking up toys that had migrated from the toy room to every other room of the house.  Having 10 kids over will do that.  Bending over to pick up toys shouldn't be a problem, except for my little friend.  Remember my little friend?  Apparently I really aggravated it yesterday, because for most of the three and a half years that my little friend has been with me it hasn't bothered me more than a day or two here and there, but only during the last months of pregnancy when my belly is big and hello, things are stretching.

And so to have it hurt so much when I'm just over three months into this thing was disconcerting to say the least.  It got worse as the day went on, until at bedtime last night every breath I took felt like someone was beating me with a hammer, and every move I made felt like someone was skewering me with a sharp knife - from the inside.  I cried all night.

That is what made today's outlook so bleak.  This morning Devin asked me what I was going to do, how can I get through the day if not only can I not bend over but I can't pick up Hanna - can't put her in her high chair, car seat, CRIB - how can I be a mother if I can't even hold her to read her a story?  Hold her when she cries? Because doing all of those things = intense, unbearable pain.

And yet, I am here to tell you that I actually had quite a lovely day.  My friend Kristen called this morning and said she was coming over to take care of me.  An angel on earth, I tell you.  She came and was here from 9:30 this morning until 4 this afternoon.  I pray that blessings from heaven rain down on her head.  She fed my children, she carried them around, she read to them, played with them, and was basically mommy today while I... sat on the couch, and later while I... took a nap in my bed (because finally I could lay down without too much pain).  My friend Brooke came over as well and provided another pleasant distraction for me from the pain.

This is why today, which had all the earmarks of being one of the worst days on record for me personally ended up being quite nice.  I mean, raging internal pain (and subsequent headache) aside.  Let's hear it for friends!

Don't know what a hernia is? Mine is an umbilical hernia, and it means that there is a hole in my stomach muscles through which some of my stomach fat is bulging. Yes, you can see it, and yes it is gross.  And, also if you were wondering, originally the surgeon said I could wait to have surgery until my child bearing years were over, just to be safe, because it was very small then, but the hernia is at a point now (much larger) where I should not delay having surgery (obviously once this baby is born).


  1. Oh man! No fun. I've had hernia surgery before. I was in 5th grade I think. Hang in there! I hope your pain subsides until the little one gets out...and quit picking up toys! :)

  2. no more bending over......

  3. Oh Amy!!! I wish I lived near you so I could help out! How lucky you are, though, to have a husband who actually cares about your well being, and TRUE FRIENDS who see when you need help, and are there to provide you with it. (My own family members wouldn't do that for me). I'm sorry you're in so much pain, and I HOPE HOPE HOPE it improves some before our 'vacation'. (Vacation... HA! We should be leaving the kids with their daddy's!!!!) Sorry... I guess I should vent somewhere else. lol
    Love you. <3

  4. :( I am so sorry to hear this!! But I'm so glad you had friends to come help you!!

    (On the upside...license to not clean?? Meh--that would only make me crazier.)

  5. No more big parties! (until after Baby)
    No more picking up toys! (until after Baby)
    Maybe yo Mama should make a plan to visit sometime soon! (after PA)

  6. Amy, I am sorry to hear about your hernia. Mine was an inguinal hernia and did not cause much pain. I had surgery about 6 months after Audrey was born I think.
    Are you pregnant again? I really am glad you had friends to help you on such a rough day!

  7. hahahaha you're so funny. Because what really happened was I came over to "help" and chased my 2 yr old out of the curtains, out of the sleeping baby's room, out of your basement, out of your room, from off the top of your couch... while your 2 incredibly well-behaved children sat, either entertaining themselves, or watching us like, "Who let the crazies in?" :) We had fun! Although, maybe I'll stop wishing for a house! It's way easier to catch Cole running from only 1 room to the other!

  8. I wish you had a belly button hernia instead of an umbilical hernia. Amazing how close in name they are and yet how different in pain they are.


    I wish I lived next door. I'm glad you have good friends. I hope not all days are this bad.

    I love you!!