Monday, August 29, 2011

Why Why Why

It doesn't take much to get her started.  Today, it began with nothing more exciting than a picture of a man driving a bus.

I thought that I had already mastered the art of deflecting the "why" questions, but today I was really tested - and I don't want to see my grade.

"Why is that man in the bus, mommy?"

"Because he is the bus driver."

"Why is he the bus driver?"

"Because that is his job."

(I will now forgo the quotation marks, and the separating per line, I think you get the picture.)

Why is that his job? Because that is what they pay him to do. Why do they pay him to do it? Because he needs the money.  Why does he need money?  So he can feed his family.  Why does he feed his family? Because he loves them.  But why does he feed them when he loves them? Because they get hungry. Why do they get hungry? Because they need to eat.  Why do they need to eat when they get hungry? Because their bodies need food. Why do their bodies need food?  Because that is where we get our energy to do things. Why do we need energy from food? Because that is the way God made us.

It is exhausting.  I feel sort of like my brain has just had a workout on one of those hamster wheels.


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Our brains probably need more work outs anyway. Obviously, Hallie's was working hard!

  2. When Madelyn gets to that stage can I send her to aunt Amy's house... I think you are far better at answering those questions than I'll ever be.

  3. yep. I second that. I'm sending my kids your way when they start asking 'why?".
    I miss you. SOOO excited to see you on MONDAY!!!!!!!(FINALLY!!!)

  4. Start replying "because you're awesome." and if she asks "why am I awesome?" reply: "because I'm awesome." And that's the truth.

  5. I found myself reflective with Hallie accepting that God made us that way.

    I feel the truth in that also.

  6. What goes around comes around. ;) Love, Mom

  7. Oh man. Jill is in the "why" stage also. Once I couldn't think of any more responses, so I asked her why she wanted to know. She said, "because." I said, "because why" and she replied "because I'm just little." HA! Perfect answer for why she wanted to know!

    And Nicole's response is pretty awesome. :)