Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love and Happiness

I found a scrap of paper a while back on which I had written some moments when I feel God's love, and just generally am very happy. 

I feel God's love when I hear a child laughing
It is eating cornbread hot with butter and honey.
It is seeing your mother's eyes in a brand new face.
It is bursting in fireworks in the night sky.

My sister added her thoughts as well:

I feel God's love when I see my baby's sleeping face.
It is smelling freshly cut grass.
It is watching "dead" plants come back to life in the spring.
It is catching my husband's eye and smile at the dinner table after a long day.
It is the part of me that I will never lose.

When do you feel God's love, or what never fails to make you happy?


  1. When I ask my daughter who she loves and she says, "Jesus!"
    When I go to pick up my son and he just giggles at the first sight of me.
    When I eat a new, delicious food.
    When my husband does secret service for me.