Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Backyard part 2

Here it is folks.

This footage was taken on the last day of May.  I know, you're thinking I missed my calling in life by not being some sort of someone on t.v.  I just have a presence don't I? (muaha ha ha ha. I say that to cover how embarrassed I actually am. I forgot I was wearing sweatpants, and oh man. Just love me anyway, ok?)

Also - I take none of the credit for how good this backyard looks, except maybe if you're thinking the grass looks nice. I claimed the job of mowing the lawn when we moved in and it is still my weekly chore.  But honestly, aside from that, everything else has just come up from what she planted last year. The only work I did (aside from mowing the lawn) is in the garden (where Devin worked long hours also).  Ok. Just wanted you to know.

Please, enjoy.


  1. All I see is a white box; no pics or video. =(

  2. Awesome! I love that you have an Ohio Buckeye tree. Sigh. Do indeed think of me. :) And you are seriously lucky that the previous owner put so much money into buying beautiful plants! I'm glad that everything worked out with getting rid of that "wall of trees." When they grew larger that would have been a real barrier across your yard! Too bad that one of them was dead. Couldn't handle the winter, I suppose.

  3. Hey Amy! Your yard looks fantastic! I know it's been FOREVER...but I just wanted to put my guess in for the pretty pink bush plants on the side that you're not sure of. From the looks of them, they look like peonies. Definitely pretty and smell good! Can't tell for sure, but that's my best guess!

    Beautiful home!