Monday, June 7, 2010

Elmo. And Emo.

Remember when I said I must live in a cave? Or under a rock? Or on Mars, even though I'm a woman and clearly therefore should be from Venus if I am from another planet?  Well, I'm feeling that way again.

What's the deal with Elmo?  When did he first hit the scene?  I don't remember him from my childhood, the first time I remember him is when the Tickle-Me's invaded.  At the time I thought, "sure, he's cute, he has a funny high pitched voice, what's not to like?" and moved on with my life.  When I was pregnant with Hanna, sometimes (read: every single morning) I didn't have much energy so Hallie and I started watching PBS.  Clifford, Curious George, SuperWhy, Hallie loved all those. But when Sesame Street came on more mornings than not she would walk over and turn the t.v. off and up I had to get.  Nonetheless, somehow, Elmo has still managed to creep into her (my) life.  She's addicted to him.  Elmo anything - she wants it.  What is his magical appeal?  Please, explain.

Next. What is EMO?  Someone tried to explain it to me, and I still just don't really "get it".  I mean, I looked it up on Wikipedia, but all it talked about there was music. And I thought that it referred to pictures.  So, a little confused.  Please, explain.  Because someone told me that my daughter is poster child for Emo: (I keep capitalizing Emo. Is it supposed to be?)
Do I have an Emo superstar on my hands?

If Emo is a type of picture, and you can explain to me what it looks like, I'll take a few of myself, Emo style. That could be fun.  And last but not least, I'd really like to know, is Elmo Emo?


  1. The only reason she might be considered emo is because she doesn't like to smile in pictures. From what I understand (because emo came along AFTER I graduated from high school), it's just a new word for punk. Teens full of angst who wear all black, with the black eyeliner, and the hair that covers all but one eye, like the sister in Incredibles.

    And Elmo's crazy, right? We don't even watch Sesame Street so I'm not sure when Jack-Jack discovered him, but he likes him, too! Elmo is cute, though...

  2. Here is what the internet has for me . . . (I cut out the part describing the genre of music.)

    Emo has two different meanings. One is a style of music. The other is a label people use to describe a group. The group of teens that use the label say that emo is short for emotional, but the term originally came from the Indie music style called Emotive Hardcore. It is a sub-genre of punk.

    The People:
    It is a label people give themselves for being apathetic and emotional to an extreme (usually miserable), but wallowing in it and not wanting it to change. They tend to feel they are misunderstood and that life is not fair to them in specific. It is in fashion with some of the group to cut themselves and wear heavy eye make-up. The hair cuts tend to have awkward sharp angles and are often glossed. Many of the guys wear very tight jeans, often women's. The girls tend to lean more towards late 70's to early 80's fashion.

    And I agree with Melissa, perhaps it's just because she doesn't always smile in pictures and has big beautiful eyes.

    I definitely wouldn't call her Emo though. She's much too happy!

    And yeah, I don't know how Elmo got so much more popular than the other Sesame Street characters.

  3. I love the picture of Hallie looking thru the fence. If it is a fence. So cute. As for Elmo: no idea. And for emo: ask nick. Oh, and I commented on your older posts, just so you know. My parents were in town and I hardly touched the computer!