Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's a Beautiful World, and it has bugs.

Sometimes I forget that it is a beautiful world.  Lately though, I've had a little help in remembering.  See, we have a backyard now. (Er, yes, I will be talking about my backyard again.)  And backyards in Nebraska, as in many places I'm sure, have grass.  I don't think grass grew this fast when I was a kid, but alas we can't stop the world from changing can we?  This all boils down to the fact that I get to spend a few hours every week going around and around my backyard.  Tedious work, but leaves the mind free as a bird to think, or not to think.  (Is that the question?  Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against*... don't worry, I won't go there. But, Mrs. Springman, I really do still have the whole thing memorized.  Is that sad, or awesome?)

As I make my way across the lawn, I discover new things every time that I had never seen before in our yard.  Most of the time, it's flowers that catch my eye:
But more often than not, it's the bugs.  Bugs in my face, bugs in my hair, bugs on my arms, bugs chewing on me all over the place.  And when I take my eyes off the flowers, and focus only on the bug:
Well, bugs just aren't as pretty are they?

How often do I do that?  How often do I focus only on another poopy diaper and forget the beautiful baby wearing the stenchy diaper?  How often do I focus only on another bill to pay and overlook the luxuries that I can afford (and by luxuries, please know that I mean air conditioning.) How often do I focus only on waiting through another traffic jam and forget that if I'm driving it means I have a car, and am out of the house, going somewhere, and how quickly I've forgotten that just a few short weeks ago I could not do that.  

So, in my backyard and in my life I am going to try and focus more on the flowers.  Because it is a beautiful world, even if it has a few (hordes) of bugs in it.

Please, enjoy a few more pictures of my backyard.  They really deserve a more talented photographer than I.
I wish our camera had been working during the tulip outburst of 2010. It was incredible.
*In case you didn't recognize it, that's Hamlet's soliloquy, and I memorized all 52 lines of it for extra credit that I didn't need for my high school English class. Repeat after me: Yes, I was a nerd.  Ha ha. Gotcha.


  1. WOW! Your flowers are GORGEOUS!!!! And I love your perspective here. So true. It is so easy to focus on the negative and forget all of the many blessings we do have.

    And again, I can't get over how gorgeous all of your flowers are. You really should have had to pay a few extra thousand to get to benefit from all the gorgeous flowers that are in your yard!!

  2. I have to agree. All my (future) backyard has is...grass. Which is better than dirt, of course, but wow your flowers are amazing!!

    ps, i miss you.

  3. Those ARE Gorgeous! I had just discovered my love for flowers when the allergies came! So, I did enjoy your pictures! And, you are so right! We forget too often how blessed we are.

  4. love the flowers! I am so excited to see them in person. And, to help you with the bugs and weeding and playing with the babies while you mow the lawn.

  5. The pictures are GREAT, Amy!

    Awesome perspective, too, only may I interject the...what did you guys name them? Brown and slimy nasty? Those slugs were NASTY. I'd be hard pressed to have a garden if slugs came with the territory...