Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tower of Cans

Hallie recently discovered her ability to make towers. Here she is a few Saturdays ago helping us unload the groceries, and then creating towers out of our food storage. I was quite impressed with how tall her towers were! Notice how she adds dimension by putting that smaller can in the middle! So impressive!


  1. I am way impressed, and Amy! Her hair is getting so long and beautiful! No wonder you and Devin can't bear to cut it. I can't wait until it is even longer.

  2. And I just noticed the question in your profile. Yes, African daisies should be capitalized as I just demonstrated. ;) Interestingly, so should Parmesan cheese. There is a city in Italy named Parma that it gets its name from, so it should be capitalized, too. Well . . . maybe that was only interesting to me. Hehe :)