Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tough Little Girlie Girl

Hallie is one tough little girl. She will be 16 months old next week, and she tries so hard to be a big girl. (We were actually disappointed at her last doctors appointment, a few weeks ago, to find out that she still doesn't weigh 20 pounds. My back is grateful, I'm not gonna lie, but why won't she grow???) Anyway, she helps out when we clean the bathroom, she can put her toys away, and she helps us measure the flour when we bake bread. She is a champion walker and can almost run. She's my hero when it comes to walking. What a challenge to learn how to balance yourself on those unsteady little feet. She hardly ever falls down, and when she does she never cries, she just gets up and keeps on going. I'm not kidding, nor am I just saying that because I'm her proud mom. She has only cried two or three times after falling down, and only because she truly hurt herself. In fact, one time she fell down and hurt herself, bloody skinned knee and all - but she didn't make a peep. She popped up and kept on going. I didn't find out until I was changing her diaper hours later that she had hurt herself!! Imagine how awful I felt... but so proud of her! She has goals. She's determined to reach her goals.
But she's also a complete girlie girl, and I don't have any idea where it came from. In the morning she makes me put her on the stool so she can see herself in the mirror and then we "get pretty". I comb her hair and put her bobby pin in (the only "barrette" she doesn't pull out). Then I put some chap stick on her lips. Then I use an old makeup brush and "do" her cheeks. Then she knows it's time for lotion. She grabs the bottle and I put the tiniest drop on her hands, and she rubs them together! Now. I never wear lotion, where did she learn to rub her hands together? She loves bracelets and necklaces and big fluffy dresses.
I am so proud of my beautiful, tough little girl. The only sad part is, she couldn't possibly have gotten either of those traits from me. I was a weak little tomboy when I was a kid. (And by kid I mean a few years ago. Ok, months)

Of the two of us, she's much cooler.


  1. Haha "weak little tomboy"? :) Awesome description. I don't know if I would fit you as a girlie girl or a tomboy. We sure did like the outdoors though. I would call you a mini-teacher if that can become a new stereotype for little kids. It seems to me like you were always teaching me something.

  2. That is really funny. Kids are amazing!