Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good vs Naughty

What we have here is the classic struggle between good and evil. (There being no evil in a baby, we'll call it good vs. naughty.) I present you with Super Hallie, and her arch nemesis
Super-Bad-Monkey-Girl. Please, if you have any suggestions for other villian names, let me know!

Can Super Hallie save the day?

Or will Super Bad Monkey Girl be successful in carrying out her devious plot to take over the world by her absolutely cunning cuteness?


  1. She is awfully cute. So are those skirts? Wrap-around capes? What is she wearing? :)

    I hope the tantrums are improving!

    Did you take pictures when Grandma Rose was out there?

  2. Yeah I guess it's best described as a wrap around cape. It goes over her head.

  3. That seems very convenient. Did someone give them to you or make them? I've just never seen anything like them really. They're like cloth ponchos without a hood.

  4. How about these:

    Purple - Super Cute Hallie

    Yellow - Craven Sneaky Hallie