Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Phone Bill

Here I am sitting, waiting on hold with the phone company over an issue of 5 dollars and 95 cents. Really? Yes. Oh! The nice lady answered. The reason I'm calling is because it says it is a 5 dollar monthly fee on our long distance calling plan, which is fine, except that we aren't supposed to have any monthly fee, just a per minute charge of 12 cents. Which is great because we only call long distance on our cell phone, so it doesn't cost us anything, and we have the service if ever there is an emergency. Great. Then I remember that a month ago I got a call from a phone company saying that they could now offer me 9 cents a minute. Wow! Great deal! Hallie was screaming in the background, the t.v. was on, I didn't really know what she was saying to me, but I said yes to all her stuff. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. That's what led me here, sitting on the phone with this nice lady who is now telling me that if I don't want to pay (essentially) 6 dollars a month for a service I never use I'll have to call my old phone company and have them take over my service again. Oh goody.

Moral of this story: NEVER never NEVER agree to anything over the phone when someone is trying to sell you something if you can't really hear what they are saying.

Lesson learned.


  1. What a bummer! I hate it when stuff like that happens. It just seems all the more complicated to get it re-fixed! Good luck though :)

  2. Ames! Sure you can look at our blog! Well, I guess my wife's blog. I've never wrote anything on it, but I read it quite often...

  3. Sad day. Good lesson learned though!

  4. I remember when you were a little kid... I mean... in college :) and I always had to bail you out of all the crazy things you somehow got ordered because you could never say no to anyone. Remember that nice old lady that kept mailing you knives! And then there was the columbia house ordeal... and so many others! I had to pretend to be your father so they'd let me cancel whatever it was you'd signed up for. Hehe...