Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Good Ones

Here are some lines that have been making me chuckle and laugh lately:

p.s. most of them are funny from the way the person that says them, says it... so if you don't know the incidence, it might not be funny to you. I apologize. But I have to record them for posterities sake.

"Aw banana! Why'd you have to go and get all brown and mushy?" - Sid, from Sid the Science Kid

"She kinda makes a man wanna be a miniature horse." - Cowboy, from Carrie Underwood ad

"The feature is dead Angela. Don't bring it up again." Eric, from Twilight

"So, I shouldn't have told Katie to tell her grandma that you're available?" (daughter 1)
"What?!" (dad)
"She thinks you're super delicious" (daughter 2)
"What does she look like?" (dad) - Family from T-mobile ad

"Let's move some iron!" Weird guy on Subway 5 dollar footlong ad (accompanied by weird arm gesture)

"We could move it closer!" Scott from American Idol, referring to Paula's suggestion that he mix it up and not use the piano as a crutch.

Ok, yep, I think that's about all of them. Now you know what's making me laugh these days.


  1. that cingular/at&t ad is hilarious! and i never really thought the quote from Twilight was funny til i read it here. lol

  2. The ones that I recognized got new giggles from me. :) And, even one I didn't recognize. I liked the banana one!

  3. I loved Scott's comment to Paula. It was so great.