Monday, March 23, 2009


So Devin and I went on a little date on Saturday. We decided that we would go to Best Buy, buy Twilight the movie, and then go to IHOP for dinner. Delicious. Then we'd come home, put Hallie to sleep (I always hate the way that sounds) and then watch the movie. We parked the car at Best Buy, and went in to look for the movie Twilight. They didn't have any more copies except for the special 2-disc edition, so we decided to walk to Target and see if they had it, and then we'd continue our walk on to IHOP, and then walk all the way back to the car. A nice walk would make it seem more like a date. So we went to Target, and they were also out of the regular version of the movie (they sold 300 on Saturday morning, all gone by that afternoon) and so we bought the special 3-disc version that was the same price as the regular one at Best Buy! Wippeee! So then we walked to IHOP and had a delicious dinner. The point of this story is what happened at Best Buy, however.
Devin could not believe that they didn't have any more of the regular version of the movie. We walked around and around, checked every special display they had out, and he could not believe it. I was getting hungry, so I said, how about I ask someone if they have any more in the back that they didn't put out yet? And he said ok, but that I had to do it because he didn't want to ask a couple guys about a movie like Twilight. Fine. So I go up to these two Best Buy employees, they were pretty typical, your average guy, and they turned around to give me their attention and I said, "Do you have any more copies of Twilight, that aren't the special edition?" And one of them kind of rolled his eyes, and the other said, "Oh, a Twilight fan." Yep. One of them said, "I just don't really get it. Did you like the movie then? Have you even read the book?" And I responded, "Yes, I read the book, and I did like the movie. My husband really liked it, and he never likes movies, so that was a huge bonus for this one, too." The other guy commented about how he didn't think it stood up to the book either. Ok, that's fine for you. I wanted to keep talking to them about it, tell them my Twilight story, but I was getting uncomfortable, for reasons I will discuss in another post (married woman talking to men her age who don't necessarily know she's married until she mentions it, and then feels awkward, like they don't care that you're married...I have many many anxieties.)
So, here is my Twilight story:
We were living in Iowa, and I was pregnant with Hallie. It was pretty much awful, it was so hot and humid, I've never experienced anything like it, plus we didn't have air conditioning and I was working at a bed and breakfast where I had to go up and down two flights of stairs all day long...So it was fun, and I loved the bed and breakfast, and I loved the Westwoods (the people who owned the b&b) but I was not feeling well a lot of the time.
My sister and I are always on the lookout for a good book, and she has really good tastes, so whenever she mentions one I have to check it out. One time on the phone she kept raving about this book Twilight. So I went to the library, and it was checked out for months! (I actually put a request on it, and they called me a few months ago to tell me it was in... that's like a year and a half later...) So, that was disappointing. Then the Westwood's son was talking about it one day, he listened to it on tape while on a road trip. He thought it was pretty cool, and he was your average 18 year old boy. THEN this couple was checking out, and the woman was in her fifties, and sitting on top of her luggage was a copy of Twilight. She was obviously in the middle of it, and obviously was enjoying it so much she couldn't even bear to pack it away in case she could snatch a few minutes to read some more. (How well I know that feeling.) So then I thought, I have got to get my hands on this book: My sister loves it, this teenage boy loves it, and this elderly woman loves it! I want to love it! Then my wonderful sister who is so amazing sent it to me for my birthday. I stayed up all night reading it, and probably made myself even sicker the next day for lack of sleep, but oh how delicious it was.
Then my friend Kristy got married, and the new book "New Moon" came out, and Devin let me buy it for my birthday! That one was almost as delicious - only disappointing because there was STILL no clear resolution, and I had no idea when, if ever, she would write another one. (Much less a fourth one!) So then I had to wait for Eclipse, and then wait for Breaking Dawn, but it's been fun all the way.
Then I got my mother in law to read it and that was fun, and another reason I love it is because I have been trying to get my friend Al to read books that I love for a long long time so we could talk about them... I think I got her to read one in high school, and that was a good time, but we stopped talking about that book long ago. But she read Twilight, and let's just say that she loved it too. :) Then my friend Nicole read it, and it was really a party.
Now for the movie. I was nervous about the movie, because please, the Cullens are so beyond human that how could any human portray them? But let's face it: Robert Pattinson is Edward. Devin refused to read the books. He thought they were the stupidest things in the world. So when he said he'd take me to see the movie I knew I had married a good man. Devin is particular about movies, and he only likes a very select few. But I could tell all the way through that he was enjoying this movie. He laughed out loud at a few parts! That's when I knew, I'd like this movie no matter what. (My expectations are always much lower than his)
So, thanks, if anyone read all the way through this, for letting me vent, even if those Best Buy boys will probably (hopefully) never find my blog and read this.


  1. I loved reading every word of your post. I am surprised that Devin was surprised that the movie was sold out. Has he missed the fact that it's like reached the mania level for women in America? :) I'm glad you were able to get the 3-disc version for the same price as the normal one! What a steal. I'm also jealous of IHOP. Hehe, and I had never thought about how it sounded to put the baby down or to put the baby to sleep. Hm. My my. We need to get a different euphemism for killing pets, so we can keep saying that for babies. Speaking of pets, I'm sorry about Sassy Ames. I feel bad for Mom and Dad with just Bubble left. Although, with them gone so much, I guess not having a pet it nice, but it's kind of sad to be stuck with the one that barfs. I do love Bubbles with all my heart though. Um. I don't remember if I have any other thoughts, but I know what you mean about wanting strange men to know you're married right away. I always feel like I'm deceiving them haha when they don't know I'm married. Which is weird, because why should it even matter right? I'm just trying to deposit a check (or whatever the case may be).

  2. Ames,
    I love Twilight, too! I am a recent addict and I read the last two books in one day. I don't think I even ate that day... I woke up, started reading, and at some point it got dark out again... weird. Anyway, I saw the movie for the first time today, and loved it. So your blog was perfect for me today! :)

    Miss you, Love you, Will dig a hole for you in one short week!

  3. Amy, I totally agree with the whole talking to men thing, and also I sort of understand about Twilight. Dan won't read them either. He did like the movie, though.

  4. I know I already commented once, but hey. :) Yeah, Jeff definitely will not read Twilight. He has not even read any of the Harry Potter books. And he definitely does not like how I ignore the world and deny myself sleep when new Twilight books came out, haha. :)

  5. I have no intention of ever reading Twilight. But I loved how I read this post the same week that I learned SO much about the Twilight series ;)