Friday, January 9, 2009

My Adventure in China.

As many of you know, I have widely bizarre dreams sometimes. This one was so vivid, so random, and so fun, that I just can't help sharing it with you all. (You know I love sharing my dreams). It also had many people in it that I just love, and it took place in... CHINA!!! I'm pretty sure it's the mack daddy of strange dreams... (Although, Hannah may disagree. I've had some pretty crazy ones involving Hannah.)
Disclaimer: This may be a little confusing. It is to me too. But, it's a dream. And they don't make sense. That's part of the beauty. I admit, it's a little long. So get some popcorn, and enjoy the insanity.
Ok. So it started off I was in China. That's all I knew, was that I was in China. Let me describe what I saw. I am hanging on a mountain, barely holding on, and the gravity is pulling me away from the mountain. I must be very high up on this mountain because clouds are flying past me at an alarming rate. It's very exhilarating, very beauty. All I can think is, it's not what I expected it to be like, and I'm terrified of losing my grip and falling off. Then, all of a sudden, Sam is there, and he shows me how to "hold" on to the mountain. I feel so grateful to see him there, and in my head I'm about to make a joke, that people in China really do hang off the Earth like we all thought when we were kids, when all of a sudden a bear is attacking us. (Do they have bears in China?) It is a large, angry, brown bear. It grabs Sam by the leg and almost tears his leg off. I rescue Sam in a bold move, and we hide in a rock. We are starting to rest and relax when all of a sudden something bites me on the leg. I'm in a daze, and I don't know what it is except that it is very painful. I'm trying to figure out what would have teeth like that when all of a sudden, I can tell the animal is gone. I've been rescued by my coworker. (Apparently I work as some sort of vet or something and I'm in China to research the animal life) She gives me a shot that takes care of the pain, and she helps Sam out with his injured leg. I ask her what was biting me. She says it was a python. I freak out. Then Sam is gone, and we're in a car driving into the big city. A man comes up to the car window and asks (in Chinese... my imagination Chinese of course) if I want to see the lizard. Of course, I don't understand what he's asking, but my coworker tries to tell him to go away. He won't leave. I'm freaking out due to my recent attack from a similar reptile. Then all of a sudden the lizard sticks his tongue out and it's at least four feet long. I almost pass out. We hurry on our way. We get to our hotel, and decide to go for a walk. I have to wait for Mom and Mimi to get ready, but all Dad has to do is put on his orange jacket and he's ready to go. (Yes, all of a sudden my family is with me, and we're on vacation in China). We start walking around. Mimi yells, "Look, it's Jimmy's Furniture Store, just like in Harry Potter!" So we have to go check it out. It's closed for repairs, but this old man says we can look inside. We go to take a peek, and all of a sudden we are surrounded by all these old English men and they yell at us to get out of there. We keep walking. We walk past an old church with all the signs on it in Dutch. It makes me feel happy. Walking more. Dad is attracting attention in his orange jacket. (I love that orange jacket.) We begin walking out of the city, and into the country. This makes me happy, I'm excited to see this part of China, although terrified of the wildlife (i.e. snakes. Do they have snakes in China?) We find a little shop that has been set up where a man is selling little things he has made. Mom insists that Mimi and I pick out something we like as a souvenir. All of a sudden Peter has shown up, and he's trying to help us pick something out. Mimi quickly decides what she likes and Mom buys it. I can't decide. There are dolls, but they all have dirty faces, and scare me a little. There are purses, but they are quite bright and flowery, not really my style. Then I see a little blue handbag. I like it. That's what I pick. Then we're hurrying on our way because we're late. I'm a little behind, so everyone arrives before I do. Jeanie and Rachel (who have know shown up) are having a fight. Apparently Rachel sent Jeanie a "thought smell" that she didn't like, so Jeanie retaliated with a "mental block" that gave Rachel a headache. I guess it's a twin thing (in my dream...) I think the thought smell was of pizza. Anyway, they were sorting this out in one room. Pete and Gui were getting ready to go swimming in another room, (Gui having now appeared) and in the center was a large swimming pool with a lot of rambunctious kids swimming. I go to look for Mimi, and they splash me all wet. I don't take this very well and I get an attitude. It's all downhill from there.

That's it folks! That's my adventure in China.


  1. 1. Awesome dream.
    2. Sorry about all the snakes. That's kind of scary.
    3. Sam is a handy man, especially with all his China experience . . . and mountain experience.
    4. Scary dolls are no good. Leave those out next time, please. Haha.
    5. I feel bad for Dan. Was everyone but him, Mindee, and Jeff in the dream? (In our family, I mean.)

    I love you, and I'm so happy that you shared your dream!

  2. That is an awesome dream. At the beginning this is what I thought of. I only found it on this blog, but it is in china. You take it to get to a restaurant.

    My boss loves to interpret dreams. That sounds like a good one. And it is weird how a dream can seem like hours and it could really only have been 5 min.

  3. This qualifies as weird, though that could just be that I don't hear about your dreams as often any more.