Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fridge Farm

Hallie got a Fridge Farm for her birthday (thanks, Mom Rose!) She absolutely loves it. It is a little magnetic barn, and five sets of animals that come apart, a front piece and a back piece. These are also magnetic. The barn has a place where you put a front of an animal, and a back of an animal. If you get a match, it sings you a song, "You made a match, look what you found. You made a match, here a (pig, cow, sheep, etc.) sound! Oink Oink!" If you make a mismatch, for example, a horse front with a sheep behind, it sings this song, "You put a horse in front you put a sheep behind. Put them together, and what do you find? A horse sheep?! Neigh, baah... That's silly!" And then it laughs with (at) you. It also has a little chicken sitting up in its roost that you can push and it plays a hoedown song like, "Oh Susanna" or the "Farmer in the Dell". She loves loves loves it. She loves magnets. She loves the songs. She carries it around like it's a boombox. If the song ends she immediately pushes it again to keep it going. She can't stop dancing! Here she is discovering it for the first time, the night we brought it home:
Jazzy Tunes:

Sometimes the animal sounds scare her a little:


  1. Gareth has this as well and, like Hallie, LOVES it. He does his strange little hopping movement all around the kitchen as it plays. He even has a favorite among all the "banjo" songs and will skip through the others to get back to his favorite again. So, great for him. For me, not so great since the "you put a horse in front and a cow behind" song is incredibly obnoxious. And I hate the voice's giggle at the end. But, hey, it makes my kid dance so I'll put up with it.

  2. That seems like the most amazing toy ever! I want one some day. Hallie is so adorable! I love how her world is rocked in that last video. :) Good job getting the videos to point in the right direction. ;)