Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When we lived in Brasil, my sister and I had a friend named Becca. I've only seen her once since then I think, when she drove me to the airport like five years ago (thanks!) AND she may not know this, but she introduced me to Michael Buble (thanks!) ANYWAY, I recently found her blog, and I love reading it. I'm not gonna lie, I've cried more than once over things she's written, or the way in which it was written moves me to tears, I'm never quite sure which it is. She is a nursing student, and they are currently in the maternity section or class or something, and what she wrote today definitely had me tearing up. Enough so, that I am putting a link to it here so anyone else can enjoy reading it, and marvel at the miracle that is BABY. (And mom living through it all).

So please, enjoy, I don't think she'll mind:

Becca's Blog
This is why we call her destructobaby.

Those we call her "duck lips". She's a duck!


  1. Hehe...cute pictures. Brennan does this with books (and I'm sure if we gave him access to the DVDs he would do the same with them, too.)

  2. hahahaha the duck lips are so cute. i love becca's blog too. she's amazing. :) too bad she figured out how to open the dvd case! you'll just have to show her (good luck) how much MORE fun it is putting things away then it was taking them out . . .

  3. OK, I get it, I will no longer alphabetize the DVD's when I visit or not until Hallie can help me :)

  4. ps Pappy is using GramB's email :)
    last post was pappy.