Monday, December 23, 2013

Gingerbread Houses!

This year we kept the Gingerbread House Party simple.  For all the reasons.

I know I look really sick and tired and just sort of bad in these pictures, and I could have gone upstairs and put on nice clothes and my contacts and some makeup and fancied myself up for all of the posterity that will see these pictures.

OR if I knew how to use photoshop and cared about things like that, I could make myself look nice digitally.

Which one takes more effort and time, do you suppose? Just curious...

BUT, this is what I really looked like that day, and I'm mostly not even embarrassed about it.

Love the sweatshirt, Grandma Boling, thank you!  Heather loves it too, finding all of the "Smas smas trees" on it is her favorite game when I wear it.

This year was really exciting because Hallie was able to do most of it on her own.  Nice job Hallie!

 Heather and Daddy were a team. 
She had a pretty spectacular house. 
We were really impressed with some of the pieces she managed to hang.  
She'll be a pro in no time!
 Hanna did all of the decoration application herself, and I did all of the frosting application for her.  She is well on her way to Gingerbread Independence.  Maybe next year!



  1. I wonder where my comment just went. I'll try again.

    Way to go, Hallie! And Hanna! *sniff* They're growing up! And I'm just . . . growing out. Ha.

    You look exactly as you should look—happy and beautiful.

    So, are those houses as delicious as they look? Do you know the secret to gingerbread that is sturdy and tasty?

    1. Typically in the past Devin has gone for strength and sturdiness and what we had around the house rather than taste, because we really just decorate these and don't eat them, but this year he also did gingerbread people, and I thought we would probably eat those, so hesitantly I said, "did you make them with whole wheat flour and no sugar again this year, or..." and he laughed, and said they would taste ok this year. And they did. We decorated them with some Christmas cereal this year, and no candy, but the girls pulled all of their cereal off and ate it. I have never eaten a candy off a gingerbread house, I don't think, the frosting is so unappealing to me after it becomes "glue". But you could, I suppose... if you were starving, eat the gingerbread itself.