Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Hair

Devin is gone Sunday mornings when we are getting ready for church, because he has meetings.  He comes home just before we leave, and makes the girls a snack and gets the diaper bag ready and out the door we go.

While I am extremely grateful he does those two things, the rest of getting four people dressed and ready is up to me.

Which means that some weeks, their hair looks great and some weeks it looks exactly the way it did when they woke up that morning.

The Sunday before Christmas however feels like a special Sunday, and I wanted them to look nice.

Except I was tired, and didn't want to have to think about how I was going to do their hair, so I let them choose whatever they wanted and I would just do it.

Hallie went first.  Her request was for "three braids and this flower in my hair."


Here is the finished product.

From the front.  Generic I know but you wanted to see her face, too, didn't you?

And here's what three braids and a flower clip looked like at church on Sunday.
This was the second to last braid I got to put in Hallie's hair before her big haircut.
At least now I can look at it without crying.
And, just curious, how would you have done a "three braids with flower clip" request?

Then it was Hanna's turn. She came to me and asked for "a fancy braid with these two flowers".
Here's how she turned out.  
Again, you wanted to see her face, right?
Heather insisted on being in the picture.
 Ok, and now from the back.

 I didn't really know what to do with TWO clips... so, yeah, whatever.
Since I have never in my life used a bobby pin, I had to use them to tuck the end of her braid up anyway, so I guess it worked out.

Then it was Heather's turn. She was not in the mood for fancy braids or any sort of clips.  
She got water and gel, and off we went to church.


  1. Those braids are gorgeous!! And Heather is so grown up. Sniff. Just in time for Hazel I suppose.

  2. And I love that at first glance, I can pretend that Hanna is all grown up, ready to go out in the cold, holding onto her cup of cocoa. :) (I know the cup is something else, but it kind of looks like a hot beverage cup with a white lid.)

    1. Ha ha, I had to go back and look to see what she is holding because I hadn't even noticed it. It is a cup of apple slices, that was their snack that day. Usually they get sandwiches, but I told Devin nothing sticky or runny or drippy because of the hair and dresses they were wearing that day. So pretzels and apple slices!

  3. Ames, I really want to know how to do one of those braids like Hanna's. The kind that swoops around the whole head. This is something that, for the life of me, I cannot figure out. So, let's hang out and you can teach me. Okay, thanks. Beautiful work all around.