Saturday, December 28, 2013

Do You Remember

Do you remember that time you let me dye your hair?

that time you made me brownies?
that time I told you you had to come with me to MI for Easter to do your home teaching?
that time we played Rummycube and I was so nervous I ate an entire plate of brownies?
that time you asked me where I am from and because of my answer you thought I didn't like you?
that time you helped me look for fossils in the river?
that time we rode the bus using senior citizen tickets because we didn't understand the system, and inexplicably the bus drivers let us do it?
that time you took me to the chocolate festival?
that time you held me hand as I pushed a baby out into the world?  Three times?
that time I remembered you needed fingernail clippers?
that time the vacuum salesman came, and I cried all night because it was pretty much the worst day?
that time we bought a car that neither of us knew how to drive, so my parents had to drive it off the lot?
that time you let me borrow your car and you parked it early in the morning outside my apartment with a bag of sunchips on the drivers seat for me to find?
that time I gave you a cheese grater for Valentine's Day?
that time you laughed at my joke and made me feel like the funniest person alive?
that time you sat in the computer chair and complained about how uncomfortable it was?
that time I got really, really lost at your marathon and my brother had to come pick me up and help me find you?
that time one of the girls ran to the door in just a diaper when you got home from work and you said, "Where's your pants?!"
that time the girls did something we didn't know how to respond to and we just looked at each other with those big "so this is parenting" eyes?  Every day?


  1. awww :) I'm in love with your love story.

  2. Oooooh. So I totally thought this was a Valentine's post, because it came to my inbox today. But then when I reloaded your blog, it wasn't a recent one, so then I wondered where it was. When I found it here, I was all, why in the world did she post date it to December? Then I got smarter and realized you post dated it to your anniversary. :) Sweet. :)