Monday, October 28, 2013

A trip to California

This summer we went to California to visit Devin's family.

Of course it was a great trip, the making of many good memories, all of which were recorded as photos to be treasured for all time.

Except, of course, most of those pictures were on Devin's dad's camera, not ours.  We got a copy of those pictures, except that Devin doesn't know what happened to them, so I've never actually seen any of them.

On our camera, we had many photos also. That Hallie took.

And so, please enjoy a photo-mentary of our trip to California.  If you've been wondering what California looks like from the backseat of a van, through the eyes of a five year old, your wait is over.


 I did not repeat any photos.  So yes, that happened that many times.

I don't know who that lady is.

Alright, that about wraps it up.  Grab your popcorn, a buddy to snuggle, and hit the play button.


  1. Hilarious! Pooh made quite the appearance.

  2. Seriously adorable. I was laughing hysterically by the end. Kids are so cool.

  3. Nice. :) Was Heather the one holding up Pooh? I hope you get another copy of the pictures from your father-in-law, or that you find the one that is somewhere. :) I hope I go to California some day!

  4. So funny! I can never lose you as a friend...too many laughs!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Watched it twice it was so good. Credits got the singer please?