Thursday, August 9, 2012


Maybe it was the Great Depression, maybe it was her own natural sense of resourcefulness, or maybe it was some other possibility that I have never considered.  I don't know.  What I do know is that my Grandmother was loathe to throw away something that might have a use at some other time, and she passed that sentiment on to my mother.  Completely unbeknownst to me, and without my permission, my mother passed it on to me.  This is somewhat ironic as I can hear myself saying to my mother every time I go home to visit, "But why don't you just get rid of it?  But, why are you keeping this?"

And now, in my own home, when I find myself storing some tiny scrap of fabric I hear it echoing through my mind, "Why are you keeping this? What on earth could you make with such a tiny piece of fabric?"

I'll have you know those scraps of fabric have made a pair of overalls (for Baby Doll - we call her Rotha around here), and a dress (for Rotha), and a shirt (for Rotha), and two quilts (for Rotha), and two quilts (for real human sized babies).

So thanks Mom.  Let's hear it for scraps!

This last one is the quilt I am making for Heather, I am practicing a new style... thoughts? Do you like it, hate it? 


  1. Those are some awfully cute lions. I like seeing pieces from Danny's quilt in those first two quilts.

    The pink striped one looks cute!

  2. I hate throwing away fabric scrapes, too, but I've had to purge my collection due to lack of space. I only keep things if I can figure out what I MIGHT do with them, so small scrapes of fabric that might be doll clothes or used for applique get to stay, or they get cut into quilt squares, or I toss them.

  3. Yeah, where did grandmas keep all their stuff? How did they make it happen? They were living in small houses. I can't make stuff like that happen. However, I do save fabric scraps, so who am I, really?

    Are you still hand sewing these?

    I'm into the new style.