Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Memories of a Car

Today in the parking lot I saw a green Chevrolet.  Not only that, but it was a Cavalier. 

I remembered seeing Devin drive up in a green Cavalier to take me on our first date.  I remember the blue shirt he was wearing, and the sunglasses he was wearing.  I remember there was absolutely nothing special or exciting about that moment, except that he was him and I was me and we were going to be together, eating something somewhere.

I remembered when I needed to drive to my elementary school where I would student teach the following semester but I didn't have a car and didn't know how I was going to get there - the school was 15 miles outside of the town where I lived.  Devin offered to let me drive his car to it.  I remember waking up that morning, full of excitement and nervousness, feeling so grown up and so young at the same time.  I walked out of my home with all those anxious excitement butterflies jittering around in my stomach and looked up and down the street for where Devin parked his car for me.  I found it, walked over to it and unlocked the door.  On the seat was an encouraging note and a bag of my favorite potato chips.  That's soul food, you know.

I remembered driving that car the first few months as a new wife.  Everything seemed so strange if only because everything was so exactly the same.  I remember driving that car all around town to carry out all of my terribly important wifely errands, and the other whatnots of a daily life, including going to work.

I remembered it was on one such errand that I smashed that car into a crumpled up mess of a green Chevrolet Cavalier.  I remembered going to the dealership and pickign out a brand new shiny orange car that neither my new husband or I knew how to drive.  I remembered learning how to drive it in a hurry because there was no other way to get to work every day.

Thanks for all the memories, little green car in a parking lot belonging to a stranger.


  1. I just read this to Hallie. She said "is that the end?" "yes, of this story, but also the beginning. You weren't born yet!."

  2. When I read autobiographies, I always think "how can this person remember so many details about his/her life??" I can't remember anything! And then I read your blog post, and I think, Amy could totally write a killer biography. :)

    What a great car. What great memories.

    I love your orange car. Whenever Jill sees a bright orange car, she says it's like Aunt Amy's.

  3. I remember that car. And when you were so excited about your new little orange one. :)