Monday, August 27, 2012

iPhone Now Required

The other day Hallie suddenly said to me, "Mommy, I don't think we should potty train Hanna until GramB is here with us."

Well, I'm always up for suggestions about potty training, I just don't usually get them from my four year old.  But, like I said, I keep an open mind, so I asked her why she thought it was so important to wait for GramB to be here.

"Well..." she slowly began, "I think it is just because if GramB is here when Hanna has to just sit on the potty and wait for something to come out and it might take a long time and GramB just has that phone that has videos and pictures and we can play games.  And mommy, your phone just really doesn't do that."

Understanding slowly dawned on me.  "Oh..." I said, not sure how to respond.

"Because GramB just has that phone and it will help Hanna and me to have something to do.  So we should just wait until GramB is here.  It will be so better that way."

Last night Grandpa was reading a book of Devin's family history, and we asked him what he thought of it.  He said it took him right back to his own childhood, because the events and lifestyles described were so similar to the way he had grown up.  I asked him, "Well, how much older was this man than you are?" We looked it up in the beginning of the book.  The book was written about a man born 25 years before my Grandpa, and he was enjoying remembering how similar his own childhood had been.

Now, I potty trained Hallie all by myself with no iPhone in sight, and now, a year and a half or so later, that same child insists that it is necessary to have an iPhone for the job.

I'm not made for this kind of rapid change.  We'll probably have to figure out some drastic way to potty train Hanna without an iPhone.  I know, I know, call me crazy, but somehow or another I'll do it.  Should I change the title of this post to "iPhone Not Required"?


  1. That's funny. Mom's phone has obviously made a big impression on Hallie.

    Jeff is always trying to talk me into getting an iPhone. He has never used that particular argument on me though . . . :)

    A few days ago, I said, "Jill, do you want to be a mama?" She said, "No. I just want to be a child." Hahaha Yesterday she did admit to wanting to be a mama "someday." So I guess I don't have a Peter Pan complex on my hands. She's just content in her stage of life. :)

  2. I just went through a similar discussion with Jeff, although not with the angle Hallie used. Oh, technology. I don't even use the texting on my phone.

  3. And oh yeah, it is pretty crazy how Grandpa's childhood was similar to someone 25 years older, but in just like five years now it is totally different. Annibelle is a pro at the iPhone, and Emily knows how to use their iPad. Jill can sit down at the computer, open the web browser, click the new tab button, click on the Sesame Street picture (because it displays our most common websites), and she can start playing. I have to lock the computer now, because she figured out how to do it just from watching me. I really didn't think I'd have to lock my computer before my child could even read.

  4. So next time I visit ... Don't forget the iPhone! ;)

  5. I am with Hallie, I want an iPhone. Someday. . .

  6. All our kids are going to be so weird. Technology addicts.

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