Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On A Cloudy Morning

When my cousin Andrew and his family came to visit I was not expecting us to hit a sudden thirty degree drop in temperature.  The cloudy skies plunged us straight into the shivery sixty? seventy somethings.  We went outside anyway because glory be, I thought it felt so good.

Hanna and Olivia pulled their chairs all the way to the far side of the yard and planted them right by the fence, looking in to the neighbor's yard.

I ask you, what can be of such interest to two 2 year old people?

Please, take a moment to admire our sad, sad grass while you're thinking.

And then, of course, the answer is the neighbor's new dog.  Hi Dog!

Also fun is painting.  Especially when it involves no paints, just water.  That's my favorite.

1 comment:

  1. Painting with just water seems very cool. Hallie was telling me about her "magic books."

    Yay for family visits!!