Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Have A Birthday

If you're searching for the perfect birthday, let me share with you some tips and secrets that are sure to guarantee you success.  I must warn you though, that this birthday is probably better suited to an adult individual rather than a child.

1. Wake up.  The door man is coming at 7:30 am.  I suppose this step requires some groundwork.  The night before your birthday, talk your husband into ordering a new sliding glass door.
2.  Say goodbye to door man.  Watch husband take birthday cake out of the oven.
3. Friends begin arriving in their painting clothes.  At 9 in the morning in the 90 degree heat show them where they can begin working.
4. Just before lunch time run to Little Caesar's for pizza for the hungry painters.  Grab a watermelon and cantaloupe for a little bit of freshness on the side.
5. Say goodbye to friends. Watch husband insert pudding layer into middle of cake.  Frost, with substantial help from a two year old and a four year old.
6. Tidy up the house.
7. Get ready for date while husband makes picnic dinner.
8. Say hi to friends who will be keeping your children alive while you go out with husband.
9. Get in car with husband and picnic dinner. Realize you don't know where you are going. Go back in house. Get directions.
10. Drive.  Realize your directions are no good.  Go in to gas station. Ask friendly man for directions.
11. Make it to the outdoor stage where you will watch SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS.
12. Enjoy yourself immensely.
13. Come home. All is quiet, and all are sleeping.  Except five month old baby.
14. Put her to bed, and then put yourself to bed. It's been a great day.

For those who are visual learners, here are some pictures to represent some of the various stages mentioned in my list for the PERFECT BIRTHDAY.


  1. What? A birthday post without pictures of the birthday girl!? Glad you had a great day! :)

  2. This is wonderful !!! Wish both you and Devin a belated happy birthday…..Always have fun reading your blog…keep it coming !!! Amandeep

  3. I'm glad you found the play! What an awesome birthday. :) And I'm glad the fence got painted. Such nice friends you have. And I love the shirts the girls are wearing on your birthday. I guess those are officially birthday shirts now! (Didn't they wear them on Jill's birthday?) Sad story though—I can't find Jill's anywhere.

  4. Sounds like a fun, delicious, productive, entertaining birthday! Happy Birthday - sorry we missed it.

  5. Do your girls eat in their swimsuits so you can hose them off when they're done eating? Just kidding, it sounds like a terrific birthday. What a great family you have.