Friday, July 27, 2012

How To Have A Birthday, His.

If you are a 33 year old shaped person, with a brown-haired, brown-eyed personality, of a Devin type physique, you probably decided last minute you wanted to take your family camping on your birthday.

Your (recently) 29 year old shaped wife, of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed personality, of an Amy type physique probably spent the morning at swimming lessons, the afternoon babysitting a cute 14 month old girl, then cajoling and bribing Heather to take a nap, and then scurrying around trying to get packed for the big trip.  So what if she forgot the flashlights and her own deodorant?  Your wife is not above smelling like Old Spice for a day.  It's good to share, isn't it?

Now then, what does a birthday camping trip look like?

Well, this is what a tent looks like:

This is what a husband making a fire looks like:

This is what two little girls roasting marshmallows look like:

This is what camping breakfast looks like:

This is what a camping hike looks like:

This is what the faces of happy campers look like:

And this is how you know the camping trip has been long enough:

Happy Birthday Devin.


  1. Lots of celebrating going on over there in the Rose household. Happy Birthday Devon.

  2. Isn't it great to have these automatic clues built in to a family. It's easy to tell when the fun is over. Time to go home and plan our next marvelous experience. Thanks for the memories, Amy. Love, grandpa H.

  3. I love how your personality comes through each of your posts, Amy! You communicate your thoughts so clearly and write the way you speak. It's like the screen disappears and I'm right there with you, listening and watching (un-creepily). Well, the photos help, too. Which reminds me, I have a question: How does one acquire hair like Hallie's? It's fabulous!

  4. I Love all these pictures. I would say that your first camping trip was a big success! Love, MOMROSE

  5. Ever since our Memorial Day trip, Jill has been begging to go camping again. I am glad you guys had fun. Ha. I love the last picture.