Friday, October 28, 2011


I've been going through our photos looking for good ones to include with this year's Christmas Letter.  I came across this one that I took last winter, and it reminded me of the Mystery I Never Solved.

Every morning I would come downstairs, look out my back windows, and see new paths in the snow.  I realize that that is not strange, and I think they all must have been bunnies.  We have only ever had one squirrel visit our backyard that I've ever seen, and somehow a large dog did get in once, but other than that I think our snowy visitors were pretty much just bunnies.

 Normal animal (bunny) tracks through the snow.

Then one morning I came down to see this. The tracks went straight from our side gate to the play house.  Naturally I just assumed it had been Devin, who had for some reason gone out the front door, then around back through the gate, and into the play house, and then somehow... had come out again and back inside... without... leaving... any second set of tracks...

But I called Devin, and he had not gone into the play house at all that week.

So then I said, well, I guess it was just an extra large bunny.

And then I wondered why a bunny would make a beeline from our gate to our play house, and how it got back out... without... leaving... any... second set of tracks.

The whole thing sort of creeped me out, so I took a few pictures to document the weirdness, and then blissfully forgot about it.  This morning though, this morning of Halloween weekend, I came across it again, and sat staring at it... wondering what had happened in the middle of that night last winter.

Happy Halloween.


  1. Great. So now I am going to be trying to solve the un-solve-able mystery!

  2. an animal drug another animal? (ie dog drug rabbit...)

  3. That is kind of creepy... let's not think about it

  4. That mystery creeps me out. I'm glad it was a long time ago, so I don't have to worry about it.