Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Look Inside

 If you had knocked on our door at dinner time on Monday evening, and if we welcomed you in (of course we would have welcomed you in, silly) you might have noticed the following things.
The pumpkin pie almost certainly would have caught your attention first, because of the amazing aroma wafting from it.  Hallie's favorite book right now is called "The Little Green Witch" and it is a Halloween version of the Little Red Hen, wherein the little green witch finds pumpkin seeds, goes through the whole thing by herself, and ends up eating the pumpkin pie all by herself.  Well, first she turns the ghost, the gremlin, and the bat into little red hens.  Every time we read it Hallie asks me why she does that.  I tell her that they should have helped.  Anyway, ever since this book became number one on her list she has wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and get her very own pumpkin for pie-making.  We made it out to Martin's Hillside Orchard (an orchard, I know, but they have a very nice patch, and it is my favorite in the area) and she picked out the perfect pie pumpkin.  Well, Sunday night came and I was very sick.  Devin stayed home from work on Monday and as part of his campaign to keep from going stir crazy with "nothing to do" he and Hallie made her pumpkin pie. I'm sad I missed it (I slept all day, literally) but Devin told me that as Hallie slid her pie into the oven she said, "I"m a little green witch!"  Once you manage to divert your attention from the pie, you might have seen:
 Hanna, clearly enjoying her food.  On her plate you will see her fourth serving of mashed potatoes with chicken gravy, and a few remaining green beans, which she did finish.  This girl knows how to eat.
 Once you've moved past her cute little cheeks, you will see my firstborn.  Please note her bib, "I Love My Big Sister".  Clearly we're not too concerned with technicalities around here.  On her plate you will see a huge pile of green beans (which I think she did eventually eat, she does actually like green beans) and a pile of mashed potatoes, and behind her cup you would have seen a pile of the chicken gravy.  I think she had three helpings of the chicken gravy, but she would NOT let us put it on her potatoes. Throughout the meal she kept telling me, "Mommy, I love mashed potatoes.  They are yucky stink.  Throw them in the trash. Don't touch it.  But I just love them mommy."  Huh.  At least she ate the beans and chicken, yes? Oh, and, that is Hallie trying to smile for the camera.  School pictures are going to be AWESOME.
 Here's the man who makes it all possible.  He didn't want me to take his picture.  But you certainly would have seen him had you been looking around our table, so I don't know what he's fussing about.  He was so thoughtful to make a meal that is easily digestible, soft on the throat, and my all time favorite - even though he doesn't like mashed potatoes at all. (Crazy, I know. He has funny taste in food sometimes.)
AND he had even less to complain about  because I let him take a picture of ME: sick, pregnant, and kind of gross looking.  You can barely see that my plate is scraped clean, of every last bean and morsel of potato and gravy.  Thanks Devin.

Oh, and the pie, which we ate after family night, was delicious too.

Thanks for visiting. Come again anytime.

And Sarah J (from high school, not Lincoln) -  I totally had already written this blog post BEFORE we talked last night, isn't that funny? It doesn't get much more "real" or "honest" than a picture like the one of me above, am I right? Wow.


  1. Emily GiambattistaOctober 13, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    Aww, Amy you don't look gross at all. I love reading your blog, it is so funny and sweet. I'm sorry you've been so sick with this pregnancy. I hope things get better for you soon!! Love you sweets <3

  2. Oh, Ames. The rest of us look like that too. (For better or worse, right?)

  3. I'm glad that I already know how awesome Devin is because after misspelling my name and disliking my favorite food, I think that it would take me a while to come to that conclusion on my own. I wish that I could have been there Monday... I would have happily eaten mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, and given you the "Big Mama" treatment.

  4. I loved the look inside! But I want more than a look inside. I want to BE inside. I guess I will have to be patient. It will happen! :)