Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'd like to make a slight correction to a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago.  In it I stated that a woman spends at least 90% of her time waiting.  Now, as I stated in that post the algorithm used to come to that statistic was based more on emotion rather than logic, but this correction is based solely on factual information.  Namely, the pain in my feet and back.

See they are forcing me to reconsider that statistic, and reminding me that there is something that I spend considerable amount of my time doing.  When I am not waiting for something to happen, I am moving things from one place to another.

You know, moving the food from the grocery cart to the car to the cupboards and fridge to the stove to the table, and then back to the fridge.

Moving the clothes from the rack to the car to a closet to a body to the hamper (floor) to the washing machine to the dryer to the hamper (floor) to the closet.

Moving toys from here, from there, from everywhere, back to where they started.

Moving tiny bodies from this place to that place and back again.

So, to amend my previous statement I'd like to have it now go on record that I think women spend 50% of their time waiting, and 50% of their time moving things around.

What do you feel like you spend all your time doing?

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  1. Hm. What do I spend all of my time doing? I use it up somehow . . .

    I think I spend all my time trying to keep everyone happy and satisfied. :)