Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sharp Dressed Man

Look, here's the deal Daniel.  I finally finished these for you.  They will be in the mail first thing tomorrow.  First thing around here means as soon as I get everything else done that I have to do so the three of us can walk out the door. Sometimes that doesn't happen until first thing Tuesday.  Get the picture?

But look here's the deal.  I started trying to make these for you a few weeks ago, but I hit some serious snags with the one on the left.

So look here's the deal.  You're gonna be a sharp dressed man when you wear these, but the thing is you might have grown out of them by now, seeing as how you are a baby and that's what you do best.
Listen up now, cuz here's the deal.  You need to keep eating, so your mom stays calm and doesn't know what is up, but try really hard to not use any of those calories to grow, ok?  Put them all towards, you know, like getting smarter, and growing out your fingernails.  Just don't get any taller, and don't get any wider.  At least until your mom gets this package in the mailbox, which is gonna happen as soon as possible (see above), and then you can start growing again, what do you say?
 Is it a deal?
But seriously, I think you've already grown out of them. So just tell your mom to give them to... some tiny baby she knows.



  1. These are so cute!!

    (When I saw the title, I thought the post was going to be about Devin. Ha.)

    Seriously, I will squeeze this baby boy into those onesies regardless. He will fit.

    Love them!

  2. Ames, those are adorable. You are amazing!

  3. They look great, Amy. What a fun idea.

  4. So so cute. If they don't fit him, have her check out this:

    I'm not sure if it actually works, but it's definitely good in theory!