Thursday, May 26, 2011

Round Two

Dear Mom and Dad,

How are you?  How is the weather in Michigan?  We have had nice weather during the day, and stormy nights.  The roads are quite dry during the day when I am driving around, so that's nice.  And the rain at night waters all my plants and yard, so I don't have to, and that's nice.

Speaking of my yard, there are a few new things in bloom and I thought you might want to take a peek.  Thanks so much for all the help you give us when you come visit. It is invaluable.

 This little guy came as a surprise. I didn't remember him at all from last year.  He is to the left of the garage in that tiny little area in the front yard.

This is the columbine that popped up all over that Mom encouraged me to save. It is a bright spot of color all over the yard.

 We had fresh chives on our dinner the other night. Yum.

 This is the iris in the sunken garden, I thought Dad would want to see this.

 These are the irises that are by that tree that is center in the backyard.

 This is the rhododendron by the 'playhouse'.

Tiny things are popping up in our garden! Get ready...
 I think I was told last year that these are peonies?

 And look! One of my rose bushes is blooming.  Hello pretty!

 And this is that flower on the mound that I asked you if it was dianthus, I know it isn't but for some reason that's what I kept thinking it was. Anyway, it has bloomed now. Do you know what it is?

And I tried to take a picture of Hanna. Maybe next time.

Love you, have a great weekend. Amy


  1. Hey. It's me. Sitting in Ohio. Insanely jealous of all your flowers.

  2. Have your columbine flowered yet? They are very pretty when they do.

  3. Hey. It's me. Sitting in North Carolina. Insanely jealous of all your flowers in your big fat fenced in yard.

  4. Hey. It's me. Lounging in Michigan. Your garden is way pretty! You're right about the peonies. I do love seeing your Iris, both in the well and by the tree; I think Rhodendrums (however spelled) are flat out gorgeous. I loved the flowers. Thanks for sharing.