Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo Catalog

Hallie takes more pictures.  Great job, kid. Seriously.

The car after our trip to Kansas City.  Cleaning it out was the last thing on our minds as we drove into the garage.

Hanna went to the doctor today. She had been anemic. She's better now.

Hallie went to the doctor later that same day. She'd been experiencing a high level of intense gastrointestinal distress that I could no longer live with.  (what I'm trying to say is we were all tired of her being constipated.)

I cut off large chunks of my hair in a fit of winter madness on Wednesday.
We had a brush of nice weather, but it left me confused. Too warm for my boots, still too cold for sandals.  I was too tired to sort it out, so I went deep into my closet and pulled out my old indoor soccer shoes. I've been saving them for years, why not wear them every now and then?

 And Devin's book was published.  Well, the book he wrote a chapter for.  You can buy it here at  It's selling for $199 but you can get it for $165 new and $291.68 used.  That's not a typo.  Or if it is, it's not mine. That's what it says on Amazon.  His chapter is called "Overview of Dietary Fiber and Its Influence on Gastrointestinal Health".  It's a truly compelling read, I'm sure.


  1. Ok I had to chuckle when I read the title of Devins chapter due to the fact that Hallie is in distress over yhat very subject, and that you used the word gastrointestinal twice in one post! we still need a haircut picture!

  2. I am very impressed by Devin's book! I wish I could buy it just so I could have it to pull out during the frequent occasions when I brag about him. (It really is frequent. I think all of my friends know I have a brother-in-law who is a food scientist.)

    And Hallie is gorgeous as always.

    I'm glad Hanna isn't anemic anymore. Poor girl!!

    And Jill is also recently obsessed with taking pictures. Sigh.

  3. wow. congrats devin. Sorry to hear about the girls, i hate illness. particularly when it is your children that are sick.

  4. bananas are my personal cure for the gastrointestinal troubles.