Friday, February 25, 2011

I Heart Bums

 I love these little bums. These tiny hineys, if you will.  And clearly I'm not afraid to show it.  I'm glad my pants don't have a heart on the bum though, not gonna lie about that.

I love these little faces, too.
It's the weekend!!


  1. i heart bums too. :)
    that kitchen shot looks just like ours, except our stove is stainless steel and we only have a range hood. but the cabinets look the same and my kitchen-aid is in the same spot.
    baby/kid faces are so cute.

  2. Love them from the top to the bottom!

  3. You are all such cute ladies over in that house. Nice job.

  4. I love the heart shaped pockets. So cute!

  5. Little bums are the cutest! And I, like you, do not appreciate hearts on my jeans either, but on little bums like these, I must say, they are irresistible! And I must say also, thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog!

  6. I heart cute bums like these girls. Is that inappropriate to say since they aren't my children?

  7. Is Hallie wearing purple eye shadow?

    Very cute bums.

    What a beautiful picture of Hanna!!