Monday, February 21, 2011

Introducing This Guy

A few months ago, try 4? 5? 6? I had some responsibility at church that required me to be there in the evening. I no longer remember all of the details, but for whatever reason Devin and the girls came along.  They played in the nursery while I did whatever it was I had to do and then we all went home and put the girls to bed.

It was an evening like many others that we have spent, it was ordinary in so many ways.  But as I was changing Hanna's diaper, all of that changed.  And my life may never be the same again.

For as I opened it up, do you know what fell out?  This guy.

Yeah. And I thought, my baby is a thief. We have to take this back. I can't believe she stole from the church.

But as I finished changing her diaper I began to ask myself if they were really going to want it back. I  mean, he came home in her diaper, ya know?*

So we've kept him.  I find him all over the house.  He just keeps popping up.  I think of him as my little house gnome. You know, a house gnome makes a house a home.  He's my good luck charm.
I'm getting really excited.  I'm looking forward to when Hallie and Hanna start bringing boyfriends home.  Gnome will be conveniently lying around somewhere, sort of conspicuously inconspicuous, and the boyfriend will ask, "Oh, what's this?" and I'll tell him about how Gnome came home in Hanna's diaper, and speaking of diapers wouldn't he just love to look at pictures of way back when they were such cute babies? Oh look, scrapbooks are right here.  Let's just get cozy for a minute while dinner's cooking Look at this... Perfect.  If he can withstand that, I'll know.

Oh yeah, so you're wondering about those bands tied around him? Check it out:

*How he got in Hanna's diaper remains a mystery.  She was wearing a onesie, so had no immediate access to her diaper area.  He was clearly not swallowed, as he had definitely not come out in her bowels.  Her diaper was, in fact, dry and empty.  Except for Gnome.  I can only imagine she was wearing her diaper somewhat loosely, and slipped the gnome down the front of her onesie, and Gnome lodged in her diaper.  Sneaky little girl.


  1. haha...sneaky little gnome. he just wanted to be at your house all safe and happy!!

  2. LOL, Ames, there are some things that you just get a pass on, and NOT returning something that came out of your daughter's diaper is one of 'em.

    It's a cute house gnome. I like him!

  3. that is hilarious.
    and you definitely should not be returning that.

  4. He has so much character. I mean, just look at that face.

  5. Glad you have a gnome. I am looking forward to meeting him.

  6. Haha awesome.

    Reminds me of when Ali found a sock in Brennan's diaper when he was just a little guy. How? :)

  7. Mori's grandmother has a precious moments nativity set for the great grandkids to play with, and baby Jesus has gone home in MORE THAN ONE diaper. They just wash him and put him back in the manger, for the next kid to come along and chew on. It's so loved that it stays up all year round. :)