Friday, February 18, 2011


There are two things in this world that nobody doesn't love: Sara Lee, and free vacations.

There are two things that I have always known about Devin.  He is very good looking, and has always wanted to be a professor.  That is why it came as no surprise to me when he applied for a job as a professor, nor when he was offered the job, nor when he accepted it.  What has come as a surprise is how often he is gone for conferences and meetings.  So whenever he has one that is within driving distance, I pack up the girls and we go with him.  That's how I found myself driving to Kansas City for what I thought would be a nice, free vacation on Wednesday afternoon.

I'm going to take a moment right now to tell you about my Valentine's day.  We woke up and it was a beautiful morning, so I went with the girls to the park with some friends.  We came home and we all took nice long naps.  Devin came home from work and I had made a delicious dinner.  Shortly after dinner I got sick. Very, very disgustingly sick. I will spare you the details, but just know that I was not a well person.  Tuesday morning and I was still sick, so I spent all day practicing my parenting of least resistance, when to my horror, Hallie got sick.  I told myself to "grow up and be the mom", so I did. 

Wednesday came around and Devin said if we still weren't feeling well he would go on his trip without us.  Hallie and I put on brave faces - because I was going to have my free vacation.

Turns out it was more like a flu-cation.  About halfway to Kansas City Devin knew he was going to be sick.  We got to the hotel, put the girls in bed, and then I spent the rest of the night worrying about Devin and trying to take care of him. He has never been sick like this since I've known him - in fact, I've never seen anyone sick like this.  After each, let's call it "episode", his skin would turn a creepy yellow color, and he would sweat all over even though he was shaking from being so cold.  His hands were cramped up into claws that he could not feel, move or uncurl.

What are the symptoms of shock, again? 

This happened each time, over and over again all through the night.

After a ridiculously long night, through which, miraculously, both girls slept perfectly, we woke up and I was sick again.  Devin skipped his conference, and we drove home as soon as I was feeling well enough to be able to do so safely.

I think we're all finally coming back to health, but I think it will be while before I go on another of Devin's conferences.  But I will tell you this. If you have to be sick away from home, Kansas City is a really nice place to do it in.


  1. Oh, Amy
    That is so yucky, scary, and I'm relieved that you all lived. Kansas has a special place in my heart now.
    Love, Mom

  2. boo! Hope you guys are feeling better. That definitely doesn't sound fun.

  3. I know that it was a comfort to Devin to have had company through that night and not to have spent it alone. A flu-cation sounds bad, a tad worse I imagine is a lonely flu-ference.

  4. Yeah, one time Nick was sick on a flu-cation (Christmas) and he told me he was dying and he was very serious about it. Evidently I didn't believe him at the time because I remember waiting to leave the room before I laughed.

  5. That is crazy that Devin got so sick. And bummer that he couldn't make it to his conference. Was he supposed to present something or just attend? Imagine if you had decided not to go and Devin would have been sick all alone. That would have been sad.