Saturday, July 31, 2010


Words have different meanings to different people.  Take the word dog, for example.  A dog is nothing more than a cute, furry mammal.  Unless you're talking to someone who never emotionally recovered from the loss of a beloved pet.  ... someone who has a severe allergy. ... someone who trains German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers to be guard dogs. ... a blind person who relies on a dog every day for guidance. ... someone who was attacked by the neighbor's dog as a child.  See, when you talk to these people about dogs you will also find love, disdain, respect, devotion, fear.

Saturday is the day after Friday, and the day before Sunday.  My favorite moment of each week is falling asleep on Friday.  Because I know that when I open my eyes again (assuming that both babies sleep through the night... it does happen, and I am ever optimistic) it will be Saturday.  The day that Devin will sleep in (until Hallie wakes him up at 6:40), and the day that makes the rest of the week worth it. (Sunday helps, too.)
Saturday means we have enough time to have a fun breakfast, like homemade  yogurt with homemade cherry syrup.  Or peaches.  Or lemon.  Whichever is in the fridge.  This one is strawberry.
Saturday means chores.  It means the house and yard look nice and I feel like I've really earned my Sunday rest.
Saturday means Devin looking snazzy in his Indy half-marathon hat and holey jeans.  Wouldn't you like to be his neighbor?
Saturday starts off with sleeping in, sweating in the sweltering sunshine, more sleeping after lunch, shopping for groceries, and ends with sitting on the couch, having enjoyed a day well spent with my mister and babies.

I like dogs.  Devin does not love dogs.  I really, really love Saturday. I think Devin likes it too.  What's your favorite day of the week, and what makes you love it?  And, just out of curiosity, how do you feel about dogs?


  1. Lol. You met Sassy, so you know how I feel about dogs. :). As for my favorite day, it's gotta be Monday for me. It's my Saturday and our date day.

  2. In recent years my favorite day is Friday, Vickie and I when we are at home have a standing date to work in the Detroit Temple, and that time is peaceful and very comfortable (I mean I feel really well), if we are not in town on Friday we are probably visiting family and thus I am happy.

    As for dogs, they are great companions, sometimes when they are afraid (e.g. lightening) they need to be comforted but other than those moments, our dogs have always been a comfort to me.

    Oh wait, when I would try to dance with my sweetheart in the kitchen, our mut Corky would always break in; Corky was a bit jealous and my protests made no impression compared to the praise that Vickie would heap upon him.

  3. I would have to agree with you in that Saturday is my favorite day of the week. To me, it means having just completed a full week of work, getting to spend time with my husband, and being able to accomplish things around the house.

    I am also a very big dog lover! I grew up with a dog and now have one that I couldn't imagine not having... hoping to soon get another dog. My dog is always so excited to see me and that can raise my spirit even on one of my toughest days.

  4. Back in college I would have said that Sunday was my favorite day because homework was banned and re-centering, naps and friends filled in. It was truly a day of rest back then.

    Now it is not.

    So, now I like Saturdays too. I think the day means so much more when you're at a time of life where that's the only time a member of the family is home for the whole day.

  5. Hm I do love Saturdays. I think I love all the days, but I do really love Sundays.

    I love the fresh start, knowing that last week is over and I have a new chance to do things correctly this week to get more things done, to be better, and to not make the same mistakes. I also love going to Church and having Jeffrey at home. Saturdays often get full of errands, or Jeffrey away golfing, or missionary discussions, service, etc.—all things that I love, but I can't count on having time with Jeffrey all day. Sometimes he even has to work. However, Sundays, he's all mine and Jill's. I love the special feeling of the day, devoting it to the Lord. Jeff and I read uplifting books together, we spend time at my in-laws, and we go to Church. We often have new member discussions at our house. And there is choir practice—another reason to love the day! I get to sing. :)

    Dogs are great, but I do prefer cats. Cats don't poop all over the yard, and my hand doesn't smell after I pet them. And my cat, at least, doesn't shed as much as I remember the dogs did that we had growing up. So, dogs are fun for walks and fetch, but I'd rather cuddle with a kitty any day.

  6. I'd have to say Friday. It marks the end of the week, so I've got the whole weekend to look forward to. We get to stay up a little later to watch a movie or just chat together and I can look forward to having Ryan around all weekend to spend time with Gareth.

    I do not like dogs. Most dogs are too noisy and invasive of my personal space. If they're drooly that makes it even worse. And I just don't like the way they smell. And I've been chased by a really nasty dog before, so that didn't help.

    I'm not really much of an animal person though. I didn't mind petting them as a kid, but as I've grown older I can't help but feel that my hands are nasty and dirty after I touch them. I always wash my hands as soon as possible after touching an animal. I remember staying with someone who kept petting her dogs and then kept trying to get a hair out of her mouth or would touch food immediately afterward. I almost got sick just watching it...