Friday, July 2, 2010

It Can Wait

A few posts back I wrote about all the things that are filling my life with beauty and happiness.

This is not one of those things.

This is something that I realize will come eventually, an irrevocable, undeniable, unavoidable fact of life.  I just didn't see it coming quite this soon.  Maybe I should have.  I thought I had 15 to 20 more years, easy.  After all, that's about how long it took for my thoughts to start moving in that direction when I was growing up.

At the temple Hallie picked a flower.  She carried it all over as we walked through the cemetery, across the street, past the visitors center, and across the parking lot.  Then she stood in front of our car, as seen above.  She said, "Daddy, I want to give my flower to a boy."  (There might have been one or two prepositions missing. Otherwise, it is word for word.)

I think my heart broke into tiny little pieces, even as I laughed.  There were plenty of boys around, in fact there was a large group of boys possibly ten year olds.  But I know enough about ten year old boys that I steered her away from there in a jiffy.  (You know what I mean, frogs and... other icky things.  And I don't even mean frog like some sort of metaphor.  Although, that could be a good one, you know, referring to frogs who turn into princes.  Hmm, but I still don't know if I want Hallie to be the one doing the "prince making".   But then see I don't know if I want her to have some other princesses' cast off was-frog-is-now-prince.  Gah! See what I mean?! I thought I had years and years and years to stress about this.)

When we got home that night I cuddled Hanna close and I told her not to grow up anymore.  Even getting to Hallie's age was too much for me, and I needed her to stay just as she was.  Sweet, and chubby and giggly and bald.  I was considering making a full on search for Peter Pan in hopes of this happening.

I changed my mind after her third blowout yesterday.  I guess I'll reconcile myself to the fact that they will grow up.  They will want to give (get) flowers to (from) boys.  They will want to go to prom and wear the prettiest dress.  They will want to (eek) kiss someone.

My head is about to explode.  Goodbye.


  1. Just tell Hallie to send the flower on over here and stop your worries. =D And I love that she's wearing one pink and one yellow shoe. She's a fashionista. Maybe you should be worried about that.

  2. What a gorgeous family picture! I had no idea how cute and chubby Hanna's cheeks were lol. And hey, at least she TOLD you about wanting to give the flower to a boy... that's better than just waltzing up and handing it over, right? This means you'll have a wonderful, open mother-daughter relationship with her, in which to explain the grossness of boys... for now.

  3. I LOVE the new family picture. :) Yay for having people around that can take pictures of the whole family for you!

    And wow. Haha. I don't think Hallie should watch any more shows with Charlie in it anymore. This crush is obviously getting out of hand. Haha ;)

  4. We do want Hallie to grow up, and marry Caleb, remember? It's all in the plan!
    Although, I understand it's scary!!! I am very scared, too!
    I love the new family picture, too. Hanna is a really cutie, too.