Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Tunes

I used to love music. (still do.) I used to have music playing all the time. (can't. 2 year old won't let me.) I used to be constantly finding and listening to new artists, thanks to awesome friends, Craig, Heather, Pete the ol' Cheat... Now, I don't think I have had a new song on my computer or ipod since... 2008.  (and that makes me sad sometimes.)

BUT there's good news at the end of this tragic tale.  Remember a while ago I discovered the likes of CJane and friends?  Well, thanks to CJane and friends, I discovered Mindy Gledhill.  Ahhh... and it's just the kind of music I like.

Now I'll let you see what you think.

Seriously just love the clapping.

And this one was in the YouTube video about Stephanie Nielson.

Now, let us be clear about how much I like Mindy Gledhill and her music. I haven't purchased an entire album since... easily before 2005.  I will be buying her album when it comes out. I may buy one for everyone I know.  Ok, a quick peek at the bank account nixed that second thought.

I will still be buying one for myself however.


  1. Love it, Ames, thanks for sharing! =)

  2. You should check out Lisa Hannigan, she's an absolute fav of mine, google 'Lille' by Lisa Hannigan in particular! : ) Good luck with your quest for new tunes!

  3. Here are two of my favorite songs right now:

    Steven Curtis Chapman: "Heaven is the Face"

    Sanctus Real: "Lead Me"

  4. I loved those two songs! Very good choices.

  5. Ames, I feel the same way! I'm so out of the loop. Have you tried That's my connection to the rest of the musical world these days.