Sunday, October 11, 2009


So Devin is in New Jersey tonight and Hallie and I have been having our standard battle of wills, but this time I don't have any Devin mediator coming home soon to look forward to. Let's just say her personality overwhelms me. So, I've been thinking about single moms (and dads) and how they do this all day every day, probably with only the occasional break... and how much respect I have for them that they can manage to have children that grow up to be healthy and happy, and remain sane themselves. Here are other people whom I really respect for working magic in their lives:

- Single moms and dads
- Husbands (and wives) who work extremely hard to provide for their families
- Teens and young adults who are growing up and turning into strong, brave, valiant adults in this world that is tilting further on its axis each year, as far as I can tell
- The people from all demographics of life that deal with illness and handicaps but learn how to do it with grace and dignity
- The people who care for the people with afflictions, and do so tirelessly and also with grace and dignity
- Hallie, because she'll still give me hugs and laughter even just after I've been thoroughly exasperated with her (for hitting me in the face repeatedly)
- People who fight for a cause that they believe in, even after others have given up and labeled it "impossible to solve"
- Teachers in our schools who work for little pay and less thanks, every day, in a classroom of students who mostly wish they were somewhere else

Well... that's just off the top of my head. Who do you respect?


  1. babies, they wait around to be taken care of, unable to do anything for themselves

  2. You have a pretty good list. How about the elderly, who in their wisdom put up with us as we learn through our own experiences what they already know.
    And, of course, our Father in Heaven, who has perfect patience with me when I do things similar or equivelant to things my kids do to me!

  3. I second those. :) I also respect people who stick with their faith even through intense trials and people who remain optimistic even when it seems like there is nothing to be cheerful about. I know that's pretty vague, but hey. It's my comment. ;)