Monday, October 5, 2009

A Few Reasons

Here are a few reasons I love my church:

1. We sing songs about streams that talk, trees that make popcorn, and our children want to be sunbeams. (Uchtdorf)
2. President Monson recently met with President Obama, and presented him with his family history going back several hundred years, as previous prophets had done for Presidents Bush and Clinton. (Ensign, Oct. 2009)
3. Twice a year we get to hear the words of God, spoken through the mouths of his prophet and apostles living on the earth today - bringing comfort and words of advice, caution, and wisdom for the trials of our day.
4. The encouragement I feel in their confidence in our (my) ability to succeed. They make it sound so simple, so possible to accomplish... I guess that's why I need General Conference every six months to keep the doubts about my capacity to be what I want to be at bay. They say I can - I can!!
5. During Jorge F. Zeballos talk on Saturday afternoon, Hallie used her big girl potty for the first time!

And for a sample of those words of wisdom (paraphrased):
1. "Real love does not support self-destructive behavior" (Oaks)
2. "If you only focus on 3 parts of what we know of Peter the apostle - the Savior calling him a man "of little faith", cutting off the ear of a soldier, and thrice denying Christ though he had walked with Him daily - you would miss out on knowing one of the greatest men to walk the earth. The same thing applies to Joseph Smith and those who focus only on his flaws. (Callister)
3. "Some fall into the trap of losing faith in the many things they know to be true because of the doubt of the few things they do not know." (Callister)
4. "No matter who you are, or what you've done, you can always pray." (Packer)
5. "The instruction of the Savior to be perfect was not a hope, but a command." (Eyring)
6. "It is love that is the heart of our capacity to obey Him." (Eyring)

7. "No wicked man could have write a book [The Book of Mormon] such as this one, and no good man would write it - unless he was commanded by God to do so." (Holland)


  1. Ditto. Again, another great conference!
    And I love that President Monson, representing our Lord on the earth lets the little children 'come to him' through letters or personally (after conference he motioned for some kids to come to the front). He spent a large part of his message thanking the children and the youth for his 'birthday presents', showing me that giving thanks and appreciating even the small efforts of our children is of great importance. ALL kind acts, however small, are honored by our prophet and Christ.
    PS Did you all notice Joe Haynie singing in the choir on Sunday? Dad and I elbow each other when we see him. So Fun to have a friend in the MTC! (Mormon Tabernacle Choir!)

  2. Holland's talk was pretty amazing. I loved how non-apologetic he was. He told it like it was and is.

    And I saw Brother Haynie twice, too!

    I cried during President Monson's telling of all his birthday presents. So much love in all that service.

  3. Thank you...

    Yet again when I needed a little up lifting Amy was there.