Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Devin's Marathon

I married a runner. 
He runs marathons. 
He hasn't done one since we got married however, because I selfishly didn't want to give up half of my Saturdays while he trained.  But he really wanted to do one, and he worked out a way that he could do his long run on Wednesdays, and so he wasn't gone too long on Saturdays and I was ok with that.  This past weekend we went off for the big event.  We were really nervous about it because he hurt his knee about three weeks prior, so we weren't sure how he was going to do.  It was also ridiculously cold, it was the coldest weather in which he had ever done a marathon, so he wasn't sure how to dress for it either.  He especially couldn't decide on whether or not to wear the tights.  He put them on Saturday morning, and I thought "Good.  The cold weather makes his knee hurt more, so if he's warm maybe it won't be so bad."  Then the next time I saw him that morning he no longer had tights on.  I said, "What happened to your tights?"  He said, "I kept hearing my dad's voice saying, "You don't run a marathon in tights. So I took them off."  Well, as it turns out, his knee didn't really bother him too much, and it was really only cold at the very beginning and at the end.  The rest of the race he would have been miserable in the tights, so good job voice of Dad Rose!!

These pictures I stole from my sister, since I can't find our camera.  (And you know I only took one picture anyway...)


  1. Yay for running Devin! I hadn't realized he hadn't done a marathon since you had been married. So has he just done runs then? Like 5Ks and stuff?

  2. Let's see. He did a marathon about a month before we got married, and he's done 2 or 3 5ks since... but yeah he hasn't been in a race in a while... because I'm selfish. (and because it's just not as easy with Hallie...)

  3. Oh, you're not selfish! It's perfectly understand to want your hubby to be around. Especially when they are already gone at work all day. A time-consuming habit is no fun. :) I think it is nice though that he was able to do this one. And that you'll let him do it sometimes.

  4. Haha. Nothing in life seems to be as easy with small children!