Monday, August 25, 2014

Some Heather and Some Hallie

Today I have a few things from Hallie and a few things from Heather.

Heather's new response to questions in the affirmative is, "Gracious, yes."

Just picture it for me please. A tiny two year old, nodding her head, and clearly saying, "Gracious, yes."

It's perfect.

At church on Sunday we were about halfway through the sacrament portion of the meeting (the quietest bit, of course) when for reasons unknown to me she begins yelling at top volume:

"Jesus loves you, Hanna! Jesus loves you, HANNA!"

and when I tried to quiet her down, she began screaming, "Jesus loves me though! Jesus loves ME!"

She likes to have her hair done like Ariel, and she likes to dance like Cinderella.  She alternates between pretending to be the mom, and the tiger.

She insists that she is not anything you say she is. If you say, "Heather, you look so cute!"
She will adamantly declare, "I'm not cute." If you tell her she is funny, "I'm not funny."  We often tell her that she is these things, just to hear the way she says that she isn't.  I guess I'll have to try and get that on video before she stops saying it.

And now for Hallie.  I found another one of her writing masterpieces.  This one was for school, and so I don't know the whole story, but it makes me smile.  Here it is:

Nebraska is special because flowers.
Children's Museum.
Ice cream.
My favorite place is (name of her elementary school).

I love these girls.  Maybe tomorrow some stories about Hanna and Hazel, shall we?


  1. Your story about Heather reminded me of a few things. The older kids used to like to teach the younger ones how to do and say things. One time they taught a two-year old Tim how to use some really big words. One time at the library he said something and one of the librarians commented, so then Tim said with the cutest smile, "I have a big vocabulary."

  2. Aunt Mimi would love it if you could get Heather's little voice saying "gracious yes" on video. :) I love these girls, too!